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#1. You can have all the tools in the world but if you don't genuinely believe in yourself, it's useless. - Author: Ken Jeong
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#2. You know, I have a lot of books on my iPad, but when I try to read them, I find myself wandering off to play games. Those are books I'm interested in. I can't imagine what would have happened to me in college if my biology class had been on the same computer as 'Words With Friends' and 'Doom.' - Author: Gail Collins
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#3. You just can't take the doctor out of you. - Author: Ken Jeong
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#4. When you have Ken Jeong naked next to you when you're doing a scene, it's pretty easy to stay loose. - Author: Danny Pudi
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#5. Return to the root and you will find the meaning. - Author: Sengcan
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#6. I grew up in North Carolina, and I grew up on wrestling. - Author: Ken Jeong
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#7. There's really no substitute for working hard. I think that's my biggest talent. There are always people who are funnier and more talented than I am, but I don't take anything for granted and I commit myself 100% to each of my roles. - Author: Ken Jeong
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#8. I have stories. But stories are not facts.'
'I like stories. Love them, actually. Most of the time they're better than facts. - Author: Morgan Rhodes
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#9. I went to Duke, which is ... a Top Five school. Not community college. But whatever. - Author: Ken Jeong
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#10. Every project you do, you hope you learn something more as an actor. - Author: Ken Jeong
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#11. Alas; they had been friends in youth
but whispering tongues can poison truth - Author: Samuel Taylor Coleridge
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#12. It was my wife that insisted I do 'The Hangover.' - Author: Ken Jeong
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#13. I have a very simple approach in career: You work with the people you love. - Author: Ken Jeong
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#14. Take notes. Everything is copy. - Author: Nora Ephron
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#15. Paste Magazine needs to stay in business! It's the first non-sensational quality music and film publication that doesn't only attempt to appeal to middle-aged male Bob Dylan completionists! And there are still many of us who love to pick up a print magazine instead of going online. - Author: Nina Persson
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#16. It's striking that Native Americans evolved no devastating epidemic diseases to give to Europeans in return for the many devastating epidemic diseases that Indians received from the Old World. - Author: Jared Diamond
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#17. I'm definitely a people pleaser. I like people to be happy around me and be comfortable. I go out of my way, sometimes to a fault, to make sure everyone is okay. - Author: Ken Jeong
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#18. One-armed butlers, they can take it but they can't dish it out - Author: Tim Vine
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#19. I'm very blessed that I have such a supportive wife who is secure with letting me embarrass myself. - Author: Ken Jeong
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#20. When I finished my residency in New Orleans, I went to L.A. where I would work as a doctor during the day, and then at night I would actually go to The Improv and do standup, all the while kind of cultivating my comedy resume. - Author: Ken Jeong
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#21. I don't have a sence of style in real life. I'm more like same-clothes-every-day guy. I don't wear jewelry, I don't wear any of this. - Author: Ken Jeong
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#22. I have a bunch of headshots that I like to throw at people - with some backups. I give them like three copies just so they don't forget me. - Author: Ken Jeong
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#23. I really realize the more movies I do just how important - it's so cliche when people say it, because everybody says it nowadays - but it's so important to keep it grounded. I totally understand what that means. - Author: Ken Jeong
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#24. Medicine really matured me as a person because, as a physician, you're obviously dealing with life and death issues, issues much more serious than what we're talking about in entertainment. You can't get more serious than life and death. And if you can handle that, you can handle anything. - Author: Ken Jeong
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#25. I'm not lying, every single project I've done, they've all been great. - Author: Ken Jeong
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#26. I think I've been asked just about every question under the sun. I'm just really honored that people are even interested in asking me questions. - Author: Ken Jeong
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#27. Continue to surprise those who would put you in a neat demographic. Be insistently curious. - Author: Gordon Gee
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#28. I think everyone's different but in comedy, I try to do my scene to make the director and the other actors laugh. If I can make them laugh and we have the same sensibility, then I'm on the right page. - Author: Ken Jeong
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#29. If anybody is a master at improvisation, it would be Ken Jeong. He is hilarious. - Author: Anneliese Van Der Pol
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#30. I have major credibility as a hip, out-there documentary filmmaker, and I'm not going to say, 'I'm only a drama filmmaker' anymore. - Author: Gillian Armstrong
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#31. I wasn't sued out of medicine, I wasn't arbitrated out of the profession. - Author: Ken Jeong
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#32. Ken Jeong might be my biggest fan. - Author: Gillian Jacobs
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#33. I always just loved to laugh. I always just loved it as a kid. - Author: Ken Jeong
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#34. Sitcom food is by far the tastiest of all showbiz food. - Author: Ken Jeong
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