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Top 37 Keep Making Music Quotes

#1. I'm making a record that's half stripped down acoustic which is the way I perform a lot and half of it is very produced. It's really hard to keep music simple but I was trying to keep it simple and focus on one or two instruments and vocals. - Author: Lisa Loeb
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#2. I plan to stay in music. I plan to keep making records. - Author: Joan Jett
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#3. I just did whatever it took to keep making music - slept on couches. You would be amazed at how far $20 can go if you stretch it out. - Author: Daniel Powter
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#4. I don't need an award to inspire me to keep making music. - Author: Jake Bugg
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#5. I hope we can keep doing it this way - making music and art that are pure products of our influences while not really having to let the whole celebrity side of it get in the way. Then maybe more virtual bands will come out and do the same thing. - Author: Damon Albarn
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#6. If I spend 100 days in a row making music there's a chance nothing will come of it. But if I spend 100 days not making music it's guaranteed that nothing will come of it. So keep working. - Author: Moby
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#7. Ultimately, I'm not the most prolific person, but I've been doing this for a long time, and I keep on putting out music. The only thing that drives music is the people who are making it. - Author: Ian MacKaye
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#8. Maybe this is blasphemy to say, but I feel like music is not meant to be something that earning your keep depends on because it cheapens it and it will force you into making decisions in the interest of earning your keep, as opposed to the interest of the thing itself. - Author: John Maus
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#9. Nothing's going to keep me from making music. If I were in the want-ads in the back of the paper or playing to six people at a coffee shop, I'd still love to make music. - Author: Dave Grohl
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#10. I live a super-healthy lifestyle not because it's sensible or that I'm contrite, but because I need to keep my focus on the music I'm making. To do that, I need to be wide awake. - Author: Johnny Marr
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#11. You are still lucky - you have a certain type of people who keep buying your music - but then you can get typecast and have to keep making that same music, and you can change only slightly. It's risky to bounce around and change your type of music. - Author: Randy Bachman
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#12. I get mad. I get sad. I have all those emotions. But I just like to keep them to myself. I don't think my fans need to be bothered with if I'm mad or sad about something. I should just be concerned that they are keeping up with my music or I'm making them happy with my show. - Author: Demi Lovato
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#13. My hope is to continue to make new music and go with the flow. I think I'll always be creative. I want to keep making good music, put myself into positions where I need to rise to the occasion of playing in front of an audience, and continually get better at what I'm doing. - Author: Vance Joy
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#14. Sometimes it [music in my head] is a curse, but it's also a blessing. It is a gift that I am completely grateful for. That's why I keep [making music], because I don't want to be ungrateful for the gift. - Author: Prince
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#15. If you're in music, you're in music, and if you're in music you just want to keep making records and playing. That's what it's about, isn't it? At least, that's what I always thought it was about, anyway. - Author: Paul Weller
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#16. Sometimes I forget that I'm supposed to keep people entertained because I'm just making music for my lifestyle and for my people who live my lifestyle. We forget that there's a world waiting on us. - Author: ASAP Rocky
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#17. I was really running a music school back then, because my band wasn't making any money. I keep talking about money, because most people don't understand the part of money in running a band. - Author: Artie Shaw
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#18. For Westlife, the music will never stop as long as our fans are around inspiring us to keep on making beautiful music together. - Author: Shane Filan
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#19. Its a good feeling when people come up to you and tell you your music helps them, and as long as it does, I'll keep making it. - Author: Mike Powell
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#20. I think the reason I've been able to keep making music is because I'm not married, I don't have kids. - Author: Juliana Hatfield
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#21. When I saw music as a means to an end - more fame, more money, dating celebrities - that's when things have gone terribly wrong. Now my life is focused on just trying to keep making music. Because when it's really good, it's just the most remarkable feeling on the planet. - Author: Moby
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#22. I think they find it - they find me quite confusing, because - they know the music, but they don't know anything about me ... because I keep a very private lifestyle so they end up ... making up stories as such. But I don't really concern myself too much about them. - Author: Enya
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#23. I love making music. I never stop. I want to keep it moving forward. I like to go into the studio and make hits. It makes me feel good. - Author: Juicy J
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#24. I'm dead serious about my craft and just really serious about making music in itself. I take pride in making songs and albums where no two songs sound alike. That's the challenge and that's what it's all about, to keep it original and fresh and funky. - Author: Big Boi
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#25. I just want to keep making music, recording and trying different things. I don't want to do the same thing all the time. - Author: Norah Jones
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#26. When you are 10, and you are with friends making music or playing sports or doing whatever, I would say, enjoy that and try to keep that as the model for as long as you can. - Author: Ryan Lewis
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#27. I spent a lot of time making music and touring around the country and living the weird life. I was just trying to keep a job and get by. So in a lot of ways, I went through a strange version of film school. So you live through a lot of things, and put them into your work. - Author: Dito Montiel
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#28. I need drama in my life to keep making music. - Author: Eminem
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#29. I love making music so it's important for me to keep doing that even if the schedule is busy. - Author: Michael Kiwanuka
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#30. I want everything, no matter what concept or genre, to feel real, because it is real. I want to keep making real music, I hope people remember me for that, that's a good thing to be remembered for. - Author: Alessia Cara
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#31. If you like my music, great, and if you don't, whatever. I'm going to keep making it either way. - Author: Katy Perry
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#32. Ultimately, I love making music more than anything. And I want to do that for ever. I don't want be on the top. I just want to keep doing what I'm doing. - Author: Chet Faker
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#33. I think I made this decision that I just loved making music, and it didn't matter what level I got to do it on, and 'Fight Song' was this declaration that I'm going to keep going, and I'm going to keep believing in myself, even if it seems like it's impossible. - Author: Rachel Platten
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#34. It's not like if I play in big places I won't be happy. But I don't want to start adapting to what's in style to make my music. I want to stay true to my roots, to keep making the music I love, that comes from my soul. And if there are people who want to listen to it, I'm happy. - Author: Juanes
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#35. Keep making music.. Keep improving your music.. If there's no viral action on your music, you're just not good enough. Don't get mad at the audience, get mad at yourself. Either give up or get better. - Author: Bob Lefsetz
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#36. I would never take part in one of those Eighties nostalgia tours, although I've been asked many times, because it's like admitting you have nothing new to offer. As long as I can keep making music I'm happy with, and people want to come to my gigs to hear it, I'll carry on. - Author: Gary Numan
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#37. Who is my role model and how long can I keep this going? I just move around and do different things and come back to music, try making films and come back to music, write children's books and come back to music. - Author: Madonna Ciccone
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