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#1. I abhor anything that constitutes torture. Water-boarding, it's perfectly clear to me it is torture. I never supported extraordinary rendition to torture, always said that Guantanamo should be closed. There is no clash of ideals and pragmatism there. - Author: David Miliband
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#2. In the end, the focus on safety should be credited to the entire firearms-owning community, the "gun culture" if you will. - Author: Massad Ayoob
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#3. You slam the bottom and either walk away or suck it up and get through it. - Author: Gabrielle Reece
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#4. Although any help is genuinely welcomed, it is more important to be a supportive, proactive parent than it is to be a supportive parent after academic failure and negative behaviors occur. - Author: Tanya R. Liverman
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#5. Hoop smiled and slugged her arm in return. "You do know, don't you, Macy?" "Know what?" "That all the money in the world can't bring you happiness." "Course - Author: Anne McAneny
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#6. It isn't every day you celebrate a successful solar revolution. - Author: William Ritter
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#7. Do those Guests really cover themselves in honey and run naked into the bear enclosure?" "Oh yes." Kay grinned. "The bears are well-compensated for their trouble. - Author: Cat Amesbury
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#8. Every Christian has a capacity for the most magnificent Christlikeness. Yet, every Christian also has the potential to commit the most disgusting and horrible acts of the flesh. - Author: Stephen Mansfield
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#9. One of the nice things about licensing music to movies or advertisements is you can reach a lot of people who normally wouldn't hear music. - Author: Moby
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#10. Bad answers for employment questions:
Employer: I see here that you worked for the state for three years. Why did you leave that job?
My parole was granted - Author: Neil Leckman
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