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#1. The rising strong reckoning has two deceptively simple parts: (1) engaging with our feelings, and (2) getting curious about the story behind the feelings--what emotions we're experiencing and how they are connected to our thoughts and behaviors. - Author: Brene Brown
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#2. She's a real adventurer, my mother. - Author: Daphne Zuniga
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#3. There is an expression among even the most advanced runners that getting your shoes on is the hardest part of any workout - Author: Kathrine Switzer
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#4. Funding for faith-based charities should] be judged based on performance and results - not religion. Now, if our sin is that our religion can produce the results, then we plead guilty. - Author: Eugene Rivers
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#5. If you feel positive, you have a sense of hope. If you have hope, you can have courage. - Author: Kathrine Switzer
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#6. The way to elegancy of style is to employ your pen upon every errand; and the more trivial and dry it is, the more brains must be allowed for sauce. - Author: Frances Osborne
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#7. I could feel my anger dissipating as the miles went by
you can't run and stay mad! - Author: Kathrine Switzer
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#8. If you are losing faith in human nature, go out and watch a marathon. - Author: Kathrine Switzer
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#9. Life is for participating, not for spectating. - Author: Kathrine Switzer
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#10. Comedy was the key to everything. I grew up fast and controlled my future by bringing it on faster than it naturally unfolded. I cheated myself out of a childhood but then got a running headstart into adulthood that no one else could keep up with. - Author: Margaret Cho
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#11. Triumph over adversity that's what the marathon is all about. Nothing in life can't triumph after that - Author: Kathrine Switzer
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#12. First, I started taking dance classes, and then I started taking singing lessons. Then my mom put me into a year-round theatre program where I did seven shows. - Author: Lilla Crawford
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#13. Predicting the market is always tough. - Author: Alex Berenson
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#14. Remember ... that each child is a separate person, yours forever, but never fully yours. She can never be all you wished or wanted,or all you know she could be. But she will be a better human being if you can let her be herself. - Author: Stella Chess
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#15. I much preferred winning to thinking and I didn't like losing at all. - Author: Aleksandar Hemon
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#16. When I go to the Boston Marathon now, I have wet shoulders - women fall into my arms crying. They're weeping for joy because running has changed their lives. They feel they can do anything. - Author: Kathrine Switzer
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#17. Talent is everywhere, it only needs the opportunity. - Author: Kathrine Switzer
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#18. Rather fast then surfette, rather starue then striue to exceede. - Author: John Lyly
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#19. Reading Proust isn't just reading a book, it's an experience and you can't reject an experience. - Author: William Gaddis
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