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#1. I know what I love about acting - and it's the creative process. - Author: William Hurt
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#2. However long, it's definitely the presence of other people that brings out the weirdness - that collision of your own way of being with the everyday lives of others, the abrupt awareness - always a surprise no matter how often it's happened - that their lives are very different from your own. - Author: Lynn Coady
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#3. And wait for the bus in grey drizzle, arms folded tight around myself, shivering against cold that falls from the sky and sinks deep in my bones. - Author: Teri Terry
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#4. Apathy is about as near to the undertaker as you can get. - Author: Arlene Francis
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#5. A child in the 4th grade who's just learning algebra is not imperfect. While there may be a child in the 12th grade who's much better, the child who's learning is not imperfect. - Author: Frederick Lenz
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#6. I have started many companies now worth more than $100 million. So I know a little about business. - Author: John McAfee
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#7. (That was when the sprint on vampirism had been proposed and unanimously actioned as an emergency spike.) - Author: Charles Stross
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#8. If fame belonged to me, I could not escape her; if she did not, the longest day would pass me on the chase, and the approbation of my dog would forsake me then. My barefoot rank is better. - Author: Emily Dickinson
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#9. In that latitude the midsummer days were long, midsummer nights only a short darkness between the long twilight that postponed the stars and the green dawn clarity that sponged them up. - Author: Wallace Stegner
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#10. For it goes without saying, women with the fluidity of water do not make dormant wives, nor ice for that matter. - Author: Candace Gleave
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#11. Many of the differences that cause students to be excluded in school are actually the same qualities or skills that other people are going to admire, respect or value about that person in adulthood. - Author: Alexandra Robbins
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#12. Nobody knows what you want except you, and no one will be as sorry as you if you don't get it. - Author: Lillian Hellman
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