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#1. Every truth passes through 3 stages before it is recognized 1)ridicule 2) opposition 3) accepted as self-evident.

Arthur Schopenhauer

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#2. The cross is bigger than your mistakes, bigger than your regrets, bigger than the secrets you hold. The cross stands above it all.

Nicky Gumbel

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#3. Character issues such as drug abuse are not exclusive to Detroit Public Schools. My reference to substance abuse, not intended to focus on any particular school district, was simply used to illustrate this position.

Kwame Kilpatrick

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#4. The Bible has been the Magna Carta of the poor and of the oppressed.

Thomas Huxley

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#5. I can't deny that some customers and prospects think it's the key to our future. But it's not. We're certainly supportive of the Dept. of Justice and the 20 states that have brought this action.

Jim Barksdale

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