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#1. The holy, all-loving, all-powerful, all-mighty, perfectly peaceful and joyful Life of God is waiting to be ours. It is a priceless gift that comes with only one condition: His Life can only be had in exchange for our own. - Author: Eric Ludy
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#2. Young friends, do not hesitate to follow the example of Pedro, who 'pleased God and was loved by him' and who, having come to perfection in so short a time, lived a full life. - Author: Pope John Paul II
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#3. You know, you become crazy. I had done a story for '60 Minutes' on depression previously, but I had no idea that I was now experiencing it. Finally, I collapsed and just went to bed. - Author: Mike Wallace
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#4. At the moment of greatest fear, the best solution is to go boldly and without hesitation. - Author: Robert Ferrigno
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#5. Normal was a lot more tempting when it was out of reach. Once normal had been a heavy, smothering blanket she feared being trapped beneath. But now normal felt fragile, as though she could unravel it all just by teasing out a single string. - Author: Holly Black
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#6. I do sometimes feel like the paparazzi are really what ran me out of L.A. They're just giving everyone a bad name. - Author: Michelle Pfeiffer
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#7. Love is the best medicine. - Author: Oskar Homolka
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#8. Anybody who follows me on Twitter or Facebook knows that I'm super into fantasy sports. I like to make money on my sports knowledge basically. - Author: Slaine
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#9. It's okay to feel bad about how things went down, but it's not okay to drown in guilt and regret every day for having made decisions other people don't agree with. At some point, we all have to man up and decide to do what we have to do, despite the people around us who try to get in the way. - Author: M-E Girard
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