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#1. Sleep is pain's easiest salve, and doth fulfill all the offices of death, except to kill

John Donne

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#2. I have not earned what I have already enjoyed.

Henry David Thoreau

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#3. Do not struggle when the hook of a word pulls you into the air of truth and you cannot breathe.

Louise Murphy

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#4. Do you know what I love about hunting? That I am no one in the woods, no one at all. I thought the animals might recognize me, but they didn't. They did not even ask me for any autographs.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

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#5. I think the concept of the sea is very important.

Alejandro Amenabar

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#6. The Republican party still helps the rich and sticks a knife in the back of the poor.

Harry S. Truman

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#7. The believer feels a compulsion to act far beyond basic altruism, and that defies explanation.

Devorah Kalani

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