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#1. When I originally came from 'Cheetah Girls,' I was making music that was real to me but not believable. I think there was a disconnect there. I am a grown woman, and I've been through a lot. The most important thing about my music is that we don't jump the gun and throw anything out there.

Adrienne Bailon

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#2. I don't want to jump the gun. I don't want to talk about that. There's a lot of dirty pool played at the election, meaning the election is rigged.

Donald Trump

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#3. Mother Superior jump the gun ...
-The Beatles, Happiness is a Warm Gun

Lauren Myracle

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#4. Do not jump the gun because of gossip.

Jeanne Phillips

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#5. He preferred yielding his own wish to gratify others, rather than to insist upon having his own way.

Ulysses S. Grant

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#6. You know that feeling you get when you pass by a cop doing like 20 over, when your stomach hits the floor and you get weak in the knees and it seams like time just stops for a min? Thats how i feel every time i see her. I love it.

Andrew Vyvyan

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#7. Art is unthinkable without risk and spiritual self-sacrifice.

Boris Pasternak

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#8. We find the light only after total defeat of our attempts to deceive and outwit it.

Vernon Howard

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#9. You hear all the time about European players playing the game. These players that come over at 17, 18 and 19, they just don't all of a sudden become skilled. From the time they were little fellas, they learned the fundamentals of the game. Let them create.

Bobby Orr

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#10. I think I am naturally attracted to things that are a little bit out of this world.

Christina Ricci

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#11. Love is everything. Without it, I have no use for this world. When I'm not in love with someone, I feel empty and I can't think about anything but trying to find that someone.

Joshua Radin

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#12. All that happens when your dreams come true is a slow, melting realization that it wasn't what you thought.

Mitch Albom

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#13. We keep our reserves both in dollars and in Euros mostly.

Sergei Lavrov

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#14. One of the things I would love to do, by the time I die, is be in every single genre. That would be really fun. I get to shoot guns and jump out of a helicopter.

Indira Varma

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#15. Sometimes, I think I was a child made of that swirling snow, borne of parents who faded into the mountains like ghosts after my birth, never to be seen again.

Moira Katson

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#16. Meeting Chet was a life changing moment for me.

Suzy Bogguss

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#17. The challenge of a revival is how to bring something fresh. The reward is the opportunity to add different flourishes. You're dealing with different actors, designers and a different time.

Scott Ellis

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#18. And then I had to jump back and get my gun. I thought it was in your room."
I glare at him. "My gun was in my room. Yours wasn't, because you took it from me this afternoon."
"Because I couldn't find it in your -

Rysa Walker

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#19. Without the dark, we'd never see the stars. There also would be no use for the moon if there was never a night.

Tessa Emily Hall

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#20. You got a gun, you get in trouble. I don't need no gun. I got a little hatchet that I keep under the seat of my car. Some son of a bitch bangs into my car, I jump out and beat him with the hatchet.

Robert Daley

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#21. What you do to children matters. And they might never forget.

Toni Morrison

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