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#1. But there's often more truth found when we sleep than when we wake. Dad used to always say that. - Author: Victoria Scott
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#2. When I do a still picture, I'm doing it all by myself with no help. I'm designing everything. I am my own art director. I'm doing everything. I'm directing, editing, whatever. - Author: Vilmos Zsigmond
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#3. In every culture, [there are those] shamans or medicine men who endured incredible physical pain, because it's a door opening to the subconsciousness. And the way we can actually control the pain
it's how to control everything. This is the key. - Author: Marina Abramovic
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#4. It had been a hell of a long time since he had been reduced to hiding behind a tree, and he did not view it as much of a professional achievement. - Author: Neal Stephenson
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#5. I hope they get something of interest out of it, but I'd rather they all hate it and I like it, instead of vice versa ... I make films to please myself first, and if the audience likes them, all the better. - Author: Terry Zwigoff
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#6. 'Evil' is quite a blanket term. People aren't the demonic characters we would like them to be sometimes. - Author: David Morrissey
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#7. Even though 'Hemlock Grove' was a serious, supernatural mystery, it was pretty fun on set. It was a light mood. - Author: Kaniehtiio Horn
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#8. A real Christian preaches with deeds and discussion, not accusations and condemnations. You should never listen to the person shouting the loudest in anything." ~ K.D. Worth, The Grim Life - Author: K.D. Worth
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#9. I've owned mopeds in the past. - Author: Brett Dalton
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#10. The American Left complains that we have no right to be the world's police force. On the contrary. We've been the world's janitor for almost a century, and after September 11, it became obvious it's better, safer, and more productive to change things instead of cleaning up after the mess. - Author: Tammy Bruce
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#11. She'd snapped, he thought. She'd definitely snapped. - Author: James Dashner
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