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Top 15 Joyous Religious Quotes

#1. Dressing up is all about reflecting how I feel. - Author: Blake Lively
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#2. When I first concluded to print the book, I made an honest effort to construct it in the third person. - Author: John Sergeant Wise
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#3. I'm not much of a shoe person, but I love a pair by Bruno Magli that I've had for 10 years. - Author: Ruth Rendell
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#4. I've always been a bit insecure about my smile, but its days like these where all I wanna do is smile. - Author: Nick Jonas
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#5. The secret of passion is purpose. - Author: Robin Sharma
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#6. Can you imagine someone handing Peter a microphone on Sunday morning and whispering, "Okay, now, you've got twenty minutes. We have to get the people out of here promptly because the chariot races start at one o'clock"? - Author: Jim Cymbala
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#7. Hopefully I can become the Babe Ruth of the World Wrestling Federation and be the champion at the same time. - Author: Hulk Hogan
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#8. Treat each other with respect, even if other people can only look at the colour of your eyes. - Author: Ulysses Brave
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#9. Young lord, one marries only once in life and one does not do so lightly. - Author: Shin Jae
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#10. Motivation can't take you very far if you don't have the legs. - Author: Lance Armstrong
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#11. It's why I went into teaching in the first place. I like the sound of my own voice. Well that, and I am addicted to the smell of chalk and white-board markers. - Author: Mercy Celeste
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#12. That smile was dangerous, she thought - a quicksand smile if ever there was one. Easy to wander in; perhaps more difficult to wander back out. - Author: Stephen King
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#13. I breathe, I sleep, I eat music. Music is what I wanted to do. - Author: Sean Kingston
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#14. Horrified, unbearably aroused, he blurted out, "You wouldn't."
Ethan leaned over and kissed his ear, whispering, "Why does that sound so much like 'please'? - Author: Jane Davitt
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#15. It's not pain. It's raw material. - Author: Jo Bell
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