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#1. I have always been a fire, and everyone I loved walked away as ashes, until I met a phoenix who was born to love flames. - Author: Jenim Dibie
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#2. But a century from now, your mortal associates will be rotting in the earth, whereas, barring amputation or radical shifts in fashion, you will still be putting your pants on one leg at a time. - Author: Jim Butcher
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#3. To stimulate creativity, one must develop the childlike inclination for play and the childlike desire for recognition - Author: Albert Einstein
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#4. It has taken countless hours of prayer, study, conversation and emotional turmoil to bring me to the place where I am finally ready to call for the full acceptance of Christian gay couples into the Church. - Author: Tony Campolo
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#5. For a moment, I saw that set of paints Elain had once bought me with the extra money she'd saved. The red, yellow, and blue I'd savored, used to paint that dresser in our cottage. I had not painted in years at that point, had not dared spend the money on myself...But Elain had. - Author: Sarah J. Maas
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#6. Less judgement more compassion. - Author: Nikki Rowe
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#7. Come what may, I am bound to think that all things are ordered for the best; though when the good is a furlong off, and we with our beetle eyes can only see three inches, it takes some confidence in general principles to pull us through. - Author: Arthur Conan Doyle
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#8. If you want to know when a war might be coming, you just watch the U.S. and see when it starts cutting down on its defenses. It's the surest barometer in the world. - Author: Will Rogers
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#9. No matter how hard you try you can't stop us now... - Author: Rage Against The Machine
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#10. A new idea - whether it's a way to collect solar energy more efficiently or a cheaper way to desalinate sea water or a new seed to boost the amount of food we can grow - can stretch the physical resources we have, or even multiply them. And the ideas themselves don't ever wear out. - Author: Ramez Naam
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#11. Women in my world are respected as much as men. - Author: Michael Arrington
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#12. We find everywhere in this world the traces of a revealed God and of a hidden God; revealed enough to strengthen our faith, concealed enough to try our faith. - Author: Philip Schaff
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#13. There are a lot of impractical things about owning a Porsche. But they're all offset by the driving experience. It really is unique. Lamborghinis and Ferraris come close. And they are more powerful, but they don't handle like a Porsche. - Author: Kevin O'Leary
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