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#1. War is in fact the true nurse of executive aggrandizement - Author: James Madison
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#2. I do a lot of referendums. They can't talk back. They don't have wives. They don't have friends who tell you how to run the campaign. They are supported by special interests, so there's a lot of money in them. - Author: Roger Stone
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#3. I felt my heart swell and crack. Of course he was the most ruggedly, powerful beautiful man I'd ever seen. Of course he would be. Of course he would stare at me with eyes so understanding and expressive and intelligent that I couldn't and wouldn't dare look away. - Author: Jasinda Wilder
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#4. Research now means a Google search. - Author: John Palfrey
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#5. I think we should be able to work until we want to stop, which is what I'm going to have to do. - Author: Laurence Fox
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#6. But I'm expected. Palfrey. I - " "Oh, yes, sir! Better not try to get the jeep along the street, though Mind - Author: John Creasey
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#7. There is a long standing tradition of using code to evade censorship in China, so that goes on. The trouble is the Chinese government has created the world's most sophisticated censorship machine. - Author: John Palfrey
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#8. Libraries can offer important alternatives to the services provided by the corporate sector, which will always have incentives to offer biased, limited, and costly access to knowledge. - Author: John Palfrey
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#9. People are the most important resource in the world. - Author: Sunday Adelaja
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#10. The type of librarians who are thriving most consistently in the digital era are those who have found a way to operate as a node in a network of libraries and librarians. They are agents of change, actively creating the future instead of constantly reacting to it - - Author: John Palfrey
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#11. I would try desperately to think about my childhood, but I couldn't. The war memories had formed a barrier that I had to break in order to think - Author: Ishmael Beah
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#12. Pinterest board for Library Journal called "Cheap and Cheerful Librarian Tips," which links her interest in DIY arts-and-crafts projects with her library work. - Author: John Palfrey
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#13. Condemnation is a tool of the enemy, but conviction is God's means of bringing us to repentance. - Author: Hope D. Blackwell
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#14. ...are libraries necessary? We keep having this debate because we have a very skewed idea of why libraries matter. - Author: John Palfrey
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#15. Many of the people libraries serve today are ill equipped to take advantage of all the great things about the digital present and future. Since libraries must be guided by those they serve, they will be awkwardly straddling the analog and the digital for some period of time. - Author: John Palfrey
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#16. The independence of libraries matters because it means that our attention cannot be bought and sold in a library. - Author: John Palfrey
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#17. Contrary to what you might think, I don't spend every waking hour thinking about boys."
"Just most waking hours? - Author: Rick Riordan
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#18. We will need smart people who can figure out how to save what we need to save and let the rest fade away. - Author: John Palfrey
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#19. Today they may not even be able to experiment with such technologies if their in-house computer systems are restricted by their IT departments. - Author: John Palfrey
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#20. There was an old, crazy dude who used to live a long time ago. His name was Lord Buckley. And he said, a long time ago, he said, 'People
they'r e kinda like flowers, and it's been a privilege walking in your garden.' My love goes with you. - Author: Robin Williams
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#21. In many library systems, there are too few hours in the day to do the research necessary to find the means of training and retraining, much less to accomplish this training. - Author: John Palfrey
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#22. Television didn't transform education. Neither will the internet. But it will be another tool for teachers to use in their effort to reach students in the classroom. It will also be a means by which students learn outside the classroom - Author: John Palfrey
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#23. The vast majority of the libraries in the United States today - nearly 100,000 of them - are school libraries. - Author: John Palfrey
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#24. The cyborg is a kind of disassembled and reassembled, postmodern collective and personal self. This is the self feminists must code. - Author: Donna J. Haraway
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#25. The time is when a library is a school, and the librarian is the highest sense a teacher. - Melvil Dewey, 1876 - Author: John Palfrey
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#26. It's not about being digital. It's about students who are born digital. - Author: John Palfrey
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#27. Library users tell survey researchers that they want access to more ebooks and they want libraries to offer more technologically up-to-date services. - Author: John Palfrey
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#28. Nothing really compares to the original 'Law & Order.' - Author: Lindsey Vonn
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#29. Our studies have shown that China's online censorship systems are by far the most sophisticated and extensive in the world. - Author: John Palfrey
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#30. China is the most repressive censorship regime on the Internet. - Author: John Palfrey
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#31. When you have a healthy appetite there is no such thing as bad bread. - Author: Gabriel Garcia Marquez
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#32. The second paradox, and the subtler of the two, is that while information is ubiquitous in wealthy societies, it is often too hard to find, to make sense of, and to use. - Author: John Palfrey
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