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#1. As people do a task, they improve at it. - Author: Emily Oster
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#2. For my new book 'Pirate Hunters', I follow John Chatterton and John Mattera, two world-class scuba divers, who teach themselves to think and act as pirates while searching for what would be only the second pirate ship ever found and positively identified. - Author: Robert Kurson
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#3. I rambled all the time. I was just like that, like a rollin' stone. - Author: Muddy Waters
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#4. In the late hours of the night, befriend the prayer mat. - Author: Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri
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#5. I have a folder of scraps and pieces of paper with stuff, ideas for songs from the last 25 years; just little things, maybe early songs that I finished, but didn't think they were good enough. - Author: Lucinda Williams
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#6. Yea, many there be that have run out of their wits for women, and become servants for their sakes. Many also have perished, have erred, and sinned, for women ... O ye men, how can it be but women should be strong, seeing they do thus? - Esdras. - Author: Thomas Hardy
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#7. Thorin, of course, was really the grandson of the King under the Mountain, and there is no knowing what a dwarf will not dare and do for revenge or the recovery of his own. - Author: J.R.R. Tolkien
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#8. One can not always believe what one hears. - Author: Christie Golden
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#9. John Chatterton is the kind of person who always seems to be up to some kind of incredible adventure. - Author: Robert Kurson
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#10. I must confess that I am usually drawn to sadness, and loneliness has never been a stranger to me. But love tried to welcome me, but my soul drew back, guilty of lust and sin. - Author: Madonna Ciccone
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#11. You don't like people seeing you." My eyes met him then. "I beg your pardon?" His eyes roamed my fresh face. "You can't hide behind makeup. You can try, but you won't succeed. Not with me." He paused then said, "I see you. - Author: Belle Aurora
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#12. The loftiest edifices need the deepest foundations. - Author: George Santayana
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#13. Younger people could dredge up an impressive number of dark words to express their pain. As writers got older and older, their negative emotion vocabulary diminished and their positive emotion word count skyrocketed. As - Author: James W. Pennebaker
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#14. He was neither good looking nor ugly, and while he would not have turned a young girl's head, someone older might have been struck by his face and the evidence of passion which had left its traces. ~p17 - Author: Nicholas Shakespeare
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