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#1. Unfortunately for the Culver Creek Nothings, we weren't playing the deaf-and-blind school. We were playing some Christian school from downtown Birmingham, a team stocked with huge, gargantuan apemen with thick beards and a strong distaste for turning the other cheek. - Author: John Green
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#2. The point is that the foundation that undergirds the act is one of mutual respect and giving- not taking or using. - Author: Sylvain Reynard
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#3. Revelations are conveyed in a variety of ways, including, for example, dreams, visions, conversations with heavenly messengers, and inspiration. Some revelations are received immediately and intensely; some are recognized gradually and subtly. - Author: David A. Bednar
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#4. Words matter, and the right words matter most of all. In the end they're all that remain of us. - Author: John Birmingham
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#5. We lived in a suburb of Birmingham where I attended the local state school from the age of five. I then went on to King Edward VI High School in Edgbaston, Birmingham. - Author: John Vane
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#6. The name of mistress instead of wife would be dearer and more honourable for me, only love given freely, rather than the constriction of the marriage tie, is of significance to an ideal relationship. - Author: Heloise
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#7. I knew from experience there isn't anything anyone can really say to help you through your grief. You just have to let the pain wash over you over and over again, until the tide of it drifts back and away, slowly and gradually. - Author: Koethi Zan
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#8. It's multifaceted, the message to our music. It's not just that. It's about individuality, development of self, finding things in life that you can be passionate about. - Author: David Draiman
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#9. I kind of miss the old sleazy Times Square, in a way. And yet I don't mind not being accosted by all sorts of strange people. - Author: Malachy McCourt
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#10. I start with the idea of constructing a treehouse and end up with a skyscraper made of wood. - Author: Norman Mailer
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#11. You know that old saying about home being where the heart is? I don't think that refers to your own. It's the hearts of other people, the ones you love, that makes a home. - Author: Jay Bell
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#12. 300 million people turned into jelly by The Wave and Rupert Murdoch wasn't one of them. There is no god. - Author: John Birmingham
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#13. When God created us, He breathed in us the Spirit of Life and put all that we need to make us great on this earth in us - Author: Sunday Adelaja
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#14. Celebrity has become a burden. There are more demands on your time. People think it is glamorous to fly places. But it is not - even if you travel business class and stay in wonderful hotels, you end 10,000 miles away from home. - Author: Nouriel Roubini
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#15. My family is from Liverpool, so I have some of those vowel sounds, I've got the slack tone of someone from Birmingham, and then I was raised in Bedford, which is just north of London. So my accent, if it's possible, makes even less sense to a Brit than to an American. - Author: John Oliver
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