Top 15 John Atanasoff Quotes

#1. The minute there's a map, there is no art. Paint by numbers is not art. Paint by numbers is a mechanical activity.

Seth Godin

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#2. Daoist thought is the root of science and technology in China.

Joseph Needham

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#3. Several groups have information evaluating seafood sustainability. I wrote the first such guide, and seafood pocket-guides and detailed evaluations of different seafoods are available for download from the group I founded, Blue Ocean Institute.

Carl Safina

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#4. The reward is in doing, but doing without expecting anything ... doing unselfishly.

Brian L. Weiss

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#5. I do not know, but they are very rough. I suppose they would do almost anything for money. They smell strongly of liquor." Slowly

Arthur M. Winfield

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#6. the artist in me has been given the upper hand over the gentleman.

Vladimir Nabokov

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#7. I think that the very fact that CBS fought and fought and fought in Texas, in New York.

Floyd Abrams

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#8. I was asked by an editor to consider writing something about an American inventor. I asked him if he knew who invented the computer. He said he didn't. In that case, I told him, I should write a book about John Vincent Atanasoff.

Jane Smiley

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#9. That which offers no resistance can enter where there is no space.


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#10. Truth is not far away. It is nearer than near. There is no need to attain it, since not one of your steps leads away from it.


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#11. I have been working, as emergency relief coordinator, on an international scale, very hard to build a wider alliance of partners in assistance efforts.

Jan Egeland

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#12. Paralysis, anxiety stomachs, arthritis and many ills and aberrations have been relieved by auditing them. An E-Meter shows them up and makes them confess their misdeeds. They are probably just compartments of the mind which, cut off, begin to act as though they were persons.

Lawrence Wright

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#13. Progress means to be true to the world, If we need to make a change.

Auliq Ice

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#14. How many of us feel this strange mix of busyness and lifelessness?

Kevin DeYoung

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#15. People are obsessed by happiness, but there are a lot of other invigorating experiences available.

Sebastian Horsley

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