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Top 11 Jerry The King Lawler Quotes

#1. I was born in Toronto and studied with the National Ballet of Canada. I went to school to study dance, slept on the floor, ate nothing, waitressed - and then there was a Mary J. Blige audition.

Laurieann Gibson

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#2. I got out of difficult situations when many of my classmates didn't because I was smart, and I was lucky, and my parents were amazingly literate and helpful.

Kerry Greenwood

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#3. I've always felt this, from when I was growing up to now with my son Riley. We don't let them be little. I was not a normal kid, but I had a sense of innocence far longer than we let kids.

Melissa Peterman

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#4. The main thing I'm into is going about on a bike, taking random routes; I'm really into the idea of making up journeys, and just seeing where they take you, because they always end up taking you someplace freaky.

Tom Jenkinson

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#5. To lie is to intentionally mislead others when they expect honest communication.

Sam Harris

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#6. An immense effect may be produced by small powers wisely and steadily directed.

Noah Webster

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#7. Being a 3-time Intercontinental champion doesn't make you a great wrestler, just like Larry King having 9 wives don't make him a great husband.

Jerry Lawler

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#8. We are apt to rely upon future prospects, and become really expensive while we are only rich in possibility. We live up to our expectations, not to our possessions, and make a figure proportionable to what we may be, not what we are.

Joseph Addison

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#9. Jerry Lawler walks in here with his crown - DA DA DUM - Imperial Margerine - and talks about what he's going to do to me. Lawler, if you think you're going to beat me, if you think you can do ANYTHING to me, than you really are the king. King of FOOLS, jack!!

Roddy Piper

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#10. I would have walked over burning coals for you, just to have you in my arms. I would have put the whole world in jeopardy just to be inside you again.

Karina Halle

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#11. There it was, all round them. It partook, she felt, carefully helping Mr. Bankes to a specially tender piece, of eternity.

Virginia Woolf

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