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Top 18 Jerry Sloan Quotes

#1. I'm not on drugs, Ben. I'm having an existential crisis.

Kim Fielding

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#2. Everything that happens in our lives is "good information" about the degree to which our choices are working for us. We can, however, choose to believe that we are a victim of the world we see, and have no choices. And, of course, we will receive "good information" about this belief as well.

Bill Crawford

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#3. We all make mistakes, but when I made mistakes there was no filter between me and the consumer.

Murray Walker

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#4. I don't need my players to like me. I need them to play for me

Jerry Sloan

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#5. In my prime I could have handled Michael Jordan. Of course, he would be only 12 years old.

Jerry Sloan

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#6. Heart is what makes a difference

Jerry Sloan

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#7. For me to be here tonight, everything had to be perfect. I had to get drafted by Utah, had to play with a point guard like John Stockton, and had to be coached by Jerry Sloan and Frank Layden.

Karl Malone

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#8. In 19 years Stockton never once lost a suicide drill in practice. Well, there was one day. He was sick. But he still ran it

Jerry Sloan

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#9. If we were strong, self-respecting and not susceptible to frightfulness, the foreign rulers would have been powerless for mischief.

Mahatma Gandhi

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#10. When a gently born spinster has little money, her choices are few. She might receive an offer of marriage, but it's unlikely to be from a wealthy man, so she'll have a hard life trying to make ends meet for her growing family.

Jo Beverley

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#11. My plant is probably dead."
Camryn looks slightly surprised. "You have a plant?"
I smile. "Yeah, her name's Georgia.

J.A. Redmerski

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#12. These guys have been criticized the last few years for not getting to where we're going, but I've always said that the most important thing in sports is to keep trying. Let this be an example of what it means to say it's never over.

Jerry Sloan

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#13. My wife says I spend my life trying to teach white folks. I'm not so sure I'm proud of it, but she's right.

Derrick Bell

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#14. I wasn't going to let Jerry Sloan embarrass me, because basketball had a proper role in my life. I suspected my basketball philosophy wasn't the bottom line anyway.

John Amaechi

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#15. Feelings. Were. Stupid

Laini Taylor

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#16. When Springsteen meets a future girlfriend on the boardwalk in Asbury Park, he delivers this electric introduction: "She was Italian, funny, a beatific tomboy, with just the hint of a lazy eye, and wore a pair of glasses that made me think of the wonders of the library.

Bruce Springsteen

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#17. I am interested in language because it wounds or seduces me.

Roland Barthes

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#18. I've played three presidents, three saints and two geniuses - and that's probably enough for any man.

Charlton Heston

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