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#1. The view backward showed you all the twists and turns your life had taken, all the contingencies and chances, the random elements of good luck and bad luck that made up one person's existence. - Author: William Boyd
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#2. If you hire good people, give them good jobs, and pay them good wages, generally something good is going to happen. - Author: James Sinegal
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#3. You try to figure out things to keep yourself interested. It's very easy to get lulled. - Author: Martin Short
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#4. Don't be afraid to go that extra mile for someone special, because that person will go the extra mile for you. - Author: Ben Kalcher
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#5. Sometimes a certain innocence is good, but not about yourself. - Author: Christopher Walken
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#6. I just stand there like a doofus wondering just what in the effing blazes is going on. - Author: Patrick Ness
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#7. Because if we were all created idealists, then life was bound to be one relentless disappointment. But then, there was also music. We unlearned the lies with one hand and repeated them with the other. - Author: Nikolai Grozni
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#8. One of the things I'm trying to get better at is apologizing when I make mistakes. That's been a big priority of mine. - Author: Evan Spiegel
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#9. I was in musical comedy. And I did very well, but the memorization killed me. I'm not good at memorizing, and it gave me a lot of anxiety. I hated the makeup. I hated all that pancake makeup. I didn't really like dressing for parts. - Author: Patti Smith
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#10. What I find most exciting about online video is that it's the future. - Author: Dana Brunetti
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#11. I can smell you," he groaned against her ear as he ran his fangs up her throat. "The most beautiful thing in the world - except for your taste. - Author: J.R. Ward
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#12. The hidden child wants to be able to participate and to co-create in art, rather than being simply an admiring viewer. - Author: Christian Morgenstern
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#13. I hope I'm remembered as the king of the world, the noble man who united all the nations of the earth. But that probably won't happen. - Author: Macaulay Culkin
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#14. A good-looking piece of scenery anywhere delights the eye and elevates the spirits. Some of us, crude creatures that we are, are merely excited; finer souls draw ethical and spiritual nutrients from the sight. - Author: Barbara Holland
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