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#1. He plants to benefit another generation. - Author: Caecilius Statius
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#2. Hospitals strip a lot from you - your independence, your confidence, sometimes your will to live. But pettiness too. Pettiness is the first casualty of the ICU waiting room. No one has the energy for it. - Author: Dennis Lehane
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#3. I would love to be in public one day and see someone reading my book. I think that would be so ridiculously cool. - Author: Jennifer A. Nielsen
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#4. The first time I'd entered the Fold, I'd feared the darkness and my own death. Now, darkness was nothing to me, and I knew that soon death would seem like a gift. I'd always known I would have to return to the Unsea, but as I looked back, I realized that some part of me had anticipated it. - Author: Leigh Bardugo
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#5. Darkness shrouded everything and the only light was the strange pulse of lightning that illumed the sky like a distress beacon. A dying world signaling for help to the ancient Starcrafter who created it. - Author: C.J. Anderson
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#6. For me, the Dennis Wilson story is a quintessential You Must Remember This story because it's one of these stories that people never talk about, don't really think about, and it's forgotten within this major thing that is thought to be this cataclysmic event of the 20th century. - Author: Karina Longworth
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#7. I was sitting in my kitchen agonizing over my Christmas grocery list when I heard the noise. - Author: R.J. Harlick
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#8. Sometimes, I wish we were all amateurs again. I'd play for nothing. Ab-so-lute-ly free. But that's not the system. - Author: Dan Marino
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#9. It's been my experience, Charlotte, that the crisis never comes as or when you expect. - Author: Alice Duer Miller
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#10. Yes. I appreciate the helpful and long spreadsheet with all the many places you can't go. - Author: Shelly Laurenston
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#11. I was in Jungian analysis for 20 years, 1976-96. - Author: Peter Eisenman
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