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#1. It was once a house of God, but not after that terrible night. It changed; they let that woman in and it changed their lives for ever. - Author: Helen Phifer
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#2. It ain't how hard you are when you're standing over top of someone that really matters. It's how hard you are when someone's standing over top of you that shows what you're made of. - Author: Cedric Nye
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#3. This, then, was Jango Fett's greatest reward, right here, sitting with his son, his young replica, sharing quiet moments. - Author: R.A. Salvatore
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#4. You might say that economic history is the history of people learning to manage risk. - Author: James Surowiecki
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#5. I promise not to hurt you, unless you try to take my shit. Then I'll twist your head off and hide it in a bush somewhere. - Author: Cedric Nye
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#6. The nurse snorted, and said. "All men are pigs."
"Not all men." Jango said. "Some of the men are zombies. - Author: Cedric Nye
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#7. Alas! You complain that your soul is out of tune. Then ask the Master to tune the heart-strings. - Author: Charles Spurgeon
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#8. I have to get stronger, harder, and faster. The only way to get hard enough to walk the Apocalypse Road is in the crucible of battle. - Author: Cedric Nye
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#9. I can't do nuttin' for you man

Go lean on shells answer man
I can't do nuttin' for ya man
You jumped out of the jelly into a jam - Author: Flava Flav
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#10. If you can cut the head off of this broom-goober with that sword, then I'll believe you can gank zombies with it. - Author: Cedric Nye
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#11. Contentment with our lot is an element of happiness. - Author: Aesop
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#12. Here's your first lesson in Zompoc 101, kid. The easiest way to kill a zombie is to kill it before it becomes a zombie - Author: Cedric Nye
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#13. She watched as the dancing lights of madness swirled and flickered in his eyes like the fires of hell, and she knew that there would never be anything that could quench those fires except death. Vanessa knew that Jango had become his own Grim Reaper. - Author: Cedric Nye
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#14. I'm a man born to blood and pain, and peace would be a killing blow for me. - Author: Cedric Nye
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#15. I once fed a dog-fight operator to the dogs he had abused for so long, and do you want to know something? It felt so good. It was justice, girl. The fucking law never gave a shit about a victim, but justice is all heart. - Author: Cedric Nye
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#16. When it's my time, and the reaper calls my name, there will be no stink of fear on me, and my only wish will be to die with grace, covered in the blood of my enemies. - Author: Cedric Nye
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#17. Sometimes you have to do something ugly so that something beautiful can grow. - Author: Cedric Nye
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#18. A man's own conscience is his sole tribunal, and he should care no more for that phantom "opinion" than he should fear meeting a ghost if he crossed the churchyard at dark. - Author: Edward Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Baron Lytton
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#19. The Cypress Hills massacre, ... one of the final outrages of the literally lawless West ... came ... along that practical and symbolic divide, between the Canadian system of monopoly trading and the American system of competition, whiskey, bullets, exploitation, and extermination. - Author: Wallace Stegner
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#20. You take all of our pain, you are the spine. You are the blood soaked rag that holds closed the wounds in our soul. - Author: Cedric Nye
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#21. Jango danced; and the tune that he danced to was Death. - Author: Cedric Nye
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#22. You see, in this world, there is one awful thing, and that is that everyone has his reasons. - Author: Jean Renoir
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#23. When she had died, his anchor was gone and the world had burned from his untethered insanity. - Author: Cedric Nye
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