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#1. My father was weaned on books. I'm halfway between being weaned on books and weaned on television. And if you're weaned on television, you're not as good a writer as if you were weaned on books. - Author: James Burrows
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#2. network of tree houses and huts and underground burrows that made up the thriving metropolis in which they lived - all logs and twine and dried mud, everything leaning to the left or the right - did - Author: James Dashner
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#3. My father was Abe Burrows, who was a Broadway legend. 'Guys and Dolls,' 'How to Succeed,' 'Cactus Flower,' '40 Karats,' 'Can-Can,' 'Happy Hunting,' 'Reclining Figure,' it goes on. He was a legend, and when I was growing up, I was Abe Burrows' kid. That was my self-esteem. - Author: James Burrows
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#4. We learn nothing by being right. - Author: Elizabeth Bibesco
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#5. Most of the pilots I choose do not have high-concept ideas, so for me it's not the idea as much as the execution of the idea, and if the idea, like you take a bar in Boston, that's not a high-concept idea. But if it's executed well, it makes a great show. - Author: James Burrows
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#6. Sometimes an actor will stumble on the joke, and I'm right on them. Back it up before the audience hears the bad version of the joke, because humor is 90% surprise. If they know what's coming, they won't laugh as hard. - Author: James Burrows
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#7. It's a lot easier to understand things once you name them. It's the unknown that mostly freaks me out. I don't know the name of that fear, but I know I've got it, the fear of the unknown. - Author: Carrie Jones
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#8. The biggest difference in writing a sequel is that now there are expectations. But also - and this is the awesome part - now there are fans, too! - Author: Tim Federle
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#9. The first step in providing economic equality for women is to ensure a stable economy in which every person who wants to work can work. - Author: Jimmy Carter
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#10. I'll tell you what I love about directing: the surprise. You never know what's going to happen with your piece until an audience weighs in. - Author: James Burrows
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#11. I didn't have the drive; I never wanted to be in show business. I went into my father's business because of osmosis. - Author: James Burrows
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#12. Some people do have softer boundaries. - Author: Billie Jean King
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#13. I remember on the pilot of 'Will and Grace' some executives from NBC saying to me, 'There are too many gay jokes.' I said, 'If not on this show, then what show?' - Author: James Burrows
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#14. On the whole, I would bid you stand up to your work, whatever it may be, and not be afraid of it; not in sorrows or contradictions to yield, but to push on towards the goal. - Author: Thomas Carlyle
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#15. Personally, I refuse to drive a car - I won't have anything to do with any kind of transportation in which I can't read. - Author: Arthur C. Clarke
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#16. The worst liars are the ones everyone thinks would never ever tell a lie. - Author: Ellen Hopkins
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#17. I have a fun clause in my contract. If I'm not having fun, I can leave. - Author: James Burrows
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#18. Anything for you. - Author: Katie McGarry
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#19. Script comes first, then the actors, then you gotta be lucky enough to get the right time slot. Then people have to watch. - Author: James Burrows
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#20. Networks are reluctant to take a chance. They put on shows that they know will work on some level, but to get the innovative show, it's very difficult. - Author: James Burrows
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#21. The best thing for an actor is to try it his way. The way they do it may not work, but it may inspire me to try something else. - Author: James Burrows
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#22. Impact people's lives positively - Author: Sunday Adelaja
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#23. I know what's funny, and I probably know the best way to deliver the joke. Whether it's walking out of a room, facing that way, facing this way. I just have a sense of that. - Author: James Burrows
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#24. On 'Taxi,' I had the great fortune of directing many wonderful episodes, none more classic than Reverend Jim's driving test. It was maybe the funniest show I did. - Author: James Burrows
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#25. Cheney is a terrorist. He terrorizes our enemies abroad and innocent citizens here at home indiscriminately. - Author: Alec Baldwin
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[Blog post, March 10, 2014] - Author: K.J. Charles
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#27. The stronger the facts are there, you should achieve justice. You don't need to make sensationalized statements. - Author: Kimberly Guilfoyle
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#28. You can have a great script, or a great director and a bad script, and get a great movie. Nothing really guarantees anything. - Author: Douglas Booth
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