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#1. John McEnroe has hair like badly turned broccoli. - Author: Clive James
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#2. I don't ask you to forgive me. I don't ask you to love me as you used to love me. But couldn't we be friends? - Author: W. Somerset Maugham
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#3. You can disseminate your art, and it's all such easy access now. The upside to it is that more people are creating than ever before. - Author: Stanley Clarke
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#4. I think you have to be true to the script that you're given. - Author: Jenna Coleman
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#5. Without law in some form, and, also, without butting up against that law, we cannot move forward easily or naturally. We have to have something hard and half-good to rebel against. - Author: Richard Rohr
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#6. I have white hair now, but a lot of it, and I'm still very glamorous, and so I won't disappoint, I hope! I'll still be wearing the tight leather trousers and high-heel boots, regardless of what age! - Author: Kate O'Mara
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#7. She had a knack or weakness for laughing boisterously at her own anecdotes - not, I thought, because she found herself funny, but because she thought that life needed celebrating and wanted others to join in. - Author: Ian McEwan
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#8. Science has gone a long way toward helping man to free himself from the burden of hard labor; yet, science itself is not a liberator. It creates means, not goals. It is up to men to utilize those means to achieve reasonable goals. - Author: Albert Einstein
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#9. I'm pretty focused on my career, and if it comes down to hanging out with somebody or learning my lines, it's gonna be learning my lines. - Author: Cory Monteith
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#10. Sometimes, the most healing thing we can do for another human being, is to listen to them, just ... LISTEN. - Author: Jaeda DeWalt
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#11. With post offices and postal workers already on the ground, USPS could partner with banks to make a critical difference for millions of Americans who don't have basic banking services because there are almost no banks or bank branches in their neighborhoods. - Author: Elizabeth Warren
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#12. You just told me you didn't intend to love me. You didn't want to love me. You got yourself arrested to keep yourself away from me. That's not love. That's a compulsion. And, by the way, kudos on coming up with the worst pickup line of all time. - Author: Emily McKay
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#13. The state, it cannot too often be repeated, does nothing, and can give nothing, which it does not take from somebody. - Author: Henry George
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