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#1. When you do exactly as you're told, and you're neither the best nor the worst at any task, you can disappear in the crowd and have a small measure of solitude. - Author: Marko Kloos
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#2. I went to school to be a psychiatrist. That's where I was going until I had a teacher-student conference with one of my teachers and there were film school pamphlets, and he said, "You don't belong here. Get out. Go to film school." - Author: Bryan Fuller
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#3. The collective unconscious consists of the sum of the instincts and their correlates, the archetypes. Just as everybody possesses instincts, so he also possesses a stock of archetypal images. - Author: Carl Jung
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#4. I love eating it - grilled chicken, pasta, rice, and other foods that give me long term energy. Every once in a while, my sweet tooth gets the best of me and I have to snack on some candy. Beverage wise, I stick to sports drinks, water, milk, and juice. - Author: Derrick Rose
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#5. I never went into business to make money. - Author: Amar Bose
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#6. The characters that I want to play are interesting women. I don't care if they're good women or bad women or vulnerable women or women with a lot of faults or women that we dislike intensely who are malicious. - Author: Gwendoline Christie
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#7. There is no fixed road to wealth, and goods do not stay with the same master forever. - Author: Sima Qian
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#8. I see horror as part of legitimate film. I don't see it as an independent genre that has nothing to do with the rest of cinema. - Author: Guillermo Del Toro
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#9. But would a high school romance really be worth sacrificing our friendship? No. We were better off friends. - Author: Elizabeth Eulberg
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#10. There's always the pressure on the director of how to transition from one scene to another, especially when it can really be oblique on 'Game of Thrones.' - Author: Alex Graves
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#11. He sleeps fastest who sleeps alone. - Author: Richard Avedon
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#12. As states subsist in part by keeping their weaknesses from being known, so is it the quiet of families to have their chancery and their parliament within doors, and to compose and determine all emergent differences there. - Author: John Donne
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