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#1. I'm going to write about them as I took them -- with a smile. - Author: Jack Black
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#2. Vance has a genius in evoking the beauty of strangeness, the strangeness of beauty. - Author: Jack Vance
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#3. Thinking about writing isn't writing. Planning to write isn't writing. Neither is talking about it, posting about it, or complaining how hard it is. These may be part of the process. But only writing is writing. - Author: Jack Ketchum
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#4. I think you've all heard my story about my daughter and how we felt Children's Hospital saved her life when she was less than a year old. I won't go through all of the details of that. - Author: Jack Nicklaus
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#5. It was mild monsters like these that made Jack the Ripper go after young women, she decided: who could tolerate yielding the world to someone who behaved as if she had given birth to the very world herself? - Author: Gregory Maguire
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#6. We can make our minds so like still water that beings gather around us, that they may see their own images, and so live for a moment with a clearer perhaps even a fiercer life because of our quiet. William Butler Yeats - Author: Jack Kornfield
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#7. Because you're here with me, Jack said. Any night that ends with that can't be that bad - Author: Amanda Hocking
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#8. Well, the thought that everybody might have a personal computer at their desk or their home was certainly not on the mainstream of anybody's activity at that time. - Author: Jack Kilby
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#9. It just so happens that my oldest and best friend is Bob James, the Grammy-winning great jazz pianist! - Author: Jack O'Brien
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#10. Two thousand years from now they'll still be hearing about Elvis Presley. - Author: Wolfman Jack
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#11. Attachment is conditional, offers love only to certain people in certain ways; it is exclusive. Love, in the sense of metta, used by Buddha, is a universal, nondiscriminating feeling of caring and connectedness. - Author: Jack Kornfield
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#12. Everyone has an idea. But it's really about executing the idea and attracting other people to help you work on the idea. - Author: Jack Dorsey
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#13. We're all of us going to hell, it's just a question of time. - Author: Harper Lee
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#14. One night I was meditating in such perfect stillness that two mosquitoes came and sat on each of my cheekbones and stayed there a long time without biting and then went away. - Author: Jack Kerouac
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#15. I didn't care that we'd caught a few stares from students passing by. I didn't care that the bell to begin class rang. I didn't care that everything between us had changed. All I cared about was the fact that no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't get any closer to Jack. - Author: Brodi Ashton
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#16. Triceratops is very common: they are the cows of the Cretaceous; they are everywhere. - Author: Jack Horner
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#17. If we had pursued what President Nixon declared in 1970 as the war on cancer, we would have cured many strains. I think Jack Kemp would be alive today. And that research has saved or prolonged many lives, including mine. - Author: Arlen Specter
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#18. If only I were articulate to paint in the frail medium of words what I see and know and possess incorporated in my consciousness of the mighty driftage of the races in the times before our present written history began! - Author: Jack London
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#19. When I was in High School I fell for pretty much any girl I ever met. But I was so desperate that I couldn't get any of them because they sensed my desperation! After many, many years, I learned to relax and just be myself. - Author: Jack Black
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#20. It really turns me on when you talk geek. - Author: Marta Acosta
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#21. I have all the time in the world from life to life to do what is to do, to do what is done, to do the timeless doing, infinitely perfect within, why cry, why worry, perfect like mind essence and the minds of banana peels. - Author: Jack Kerouac
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#22. If you want risk taking, set an example yourself and reward and praise those that do. - Author: Jack Welch
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#23. Love is a heavenly quality that is given to prepare men to enjoy the heavenly city more. - Author: Jack Hyles
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#24. When sleepy, meditate with your eyes open wide. Stand in place for a few minutes or do walking meditation. If it's really bad, walk briskly or walk backward, splash some water on your face. Sleepiness is something we can respond to creatively. When - Author: Jack Kornfield
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#25. If you were expecting Prince Charming, I'm sorry. He's with his boyfriend. - Author: Shayla Black
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#26. Believe in the holy contour of life - Author: Jack Kerouac
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#27. If somebody says they don't watch the leaderboard, I don't buy that, I'm sorry. Because you've got to know where you are to know how to play. - Author: Jack Nicklaus
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#28. Leo was the only one who had never petitioned Francie for a loan using The Nest as collateral. Jack and Melody and Bea had all asked at one time that she consider an earlier dispersal, but she stubbornly refused.Until Leo's accident. - Author: Cynthia D'Aprix Sweeney
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#29. Jack doesn't give a jackshit about me. No, wait, I got that backwards. I don't give a jackshit about Jack the Shit. - Author: Sara Wolf
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#30. I have dashed across continents and oceans as a fugitive and have matched my wits with the police and secret agents seeking to deprive me of one of the greatest blessings man can have-liberty. - Author: Jack Johnson
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#31. I think the sensitivity that you need to create certain things sometimes would spill over into things that shouldn't have bothered me. - Author: Jack White
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#32. I hadn't learned anything new, except that another one of the Dead Elvises had an affinity for the Shop-n-Go. And Jack officially thought I'd lost my last marble. - Author: Brodi Ashton
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#33. The only way you can hurt the body is not use it, - Author: Jack LaLanne
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#34. Now they broke my toothbrush, I don't own anything. - Author: Lee Child
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#35. I think capitalism will survive, because no attractive alternatives exist now - Author: Jack Goldstone
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#36. Loved her?! I never even touched her," he said.

"That's the problem with men, Jack," she said, "you think that love has to start in the fingers. - Author: Kevin Alyn Elders
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#37. Your mortal's storming the slaver den." Aric's tone was half-amused, half-approving. "I'm hereby inviting myself on his incursion. - Author: Kresley Cole
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#38. You are more thoughtful because you don't act as quickly anymore. When I turned 70 it was the first time I felt young for my age. Fifty dropped on me like a ton of bricks - there is something about that number - but when 70 came along I felt good about it. - Author: Jack Nicholson
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#39. I have got up at truly deplorable hours in the morning to confront Vancouver's Jack Webster on television because I have been told that is the place to get exposure for ideas. - Author: Barbara Amiel
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#40. I believe in unconditional love and equality. Jesus Christ exemplified these qualities. - Author: Jack Canfield
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#41. One of life's fundamental truths states, 'Ask and you shall receive.' As kids we get used to asking for things, but somehow we lose this ability in adulthood. We come up with all sorts of excuses and reasons to avoid any possibility of criticism or rejection. - Author: Jack Canfield
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#42. As imagination grew it is likely that the fear of death increased until the Folk that were to come projected this fear into the dark and peopled it with spirits. - Author: Jack London
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#43. I've endured my entire life struggling from a split personality. The problem is that the other guy, a wise guy named (Jack) ... has always been in charge. - Author: Timothy Pina
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#44. I've always felt sad for people who don't read fiction; they only get to live one life. - Author: Jack Tyler
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#45. I've said many times before that Pebble Beach is a wonderful thinking-man's golf course. That is why it is such a great U.S. Open venue. - Author: Jack Nicklaus
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#46. 1960, I was 20 years old, and I was leading the U.S. Open. Now, I wasn't leading by several strokes, but I was leading the U.S. Open and playing with Ben Hogan, had a very good chance to win, nine holes to go, I was leading. I was still leading with six holes to play. - Author: Jack Nicklaus
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#47. Foreign capital to build new cinemas will help modernize China's aging cinema infrastructure, attract Chinese consumers back into cinemas, and increase demand for U.S. films. - Author: Jack Valenti
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#48. Some things cannont possibly happen, because they are both too improbable and too perfect. The U.S. hockey team cannot beat the Russians in the 1980 Olympics. Jack Nicklaus cannot shoot 65 to win the Masters at age forty-six. Nothing else comes immediately to mind. - Author: Thomas Boswell
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#49. Frivolous lawsuits are booming in this county. The U.S. has more costs of litigation per person than any other industrialized nation in the world, and it is crippling our economy. - Author: Jack Kingston
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#50. The U.S. won the majors 29-11 in the 1980s. That's when Tom Watson and Jack Nicklaus were carrying the ball, and when Seve Ballesteros was becoming a Brit in the minds of English and Scottish journalists. - Author: Dan Jenkins
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#51. Of all the many memoirs by former Soviet officials, Palazchenko's is among the best written and also the most objective. Even his descriptions of U.S. policy are more accurate and judicious than those of some American scholars. - Author: Jack F. Matlock Jr.
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#52. Electing Sudan to the U.N. body mandated to promote and protect human rights worldwide is like putting Jack the Ripper in charge of a women's shelter. - Author: Hillel Neuer
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#53. U r a ' Be Eye Tea See Hutch'!!!. - Author: Nelson Jack
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#54. Does the U.S. attorney know you spend your workdays listening to office gossip?"
Jack grinned in satisfaction. "The U.S. attorney is thrilled that there's finally someone else for this
office to gossip about. - Author: Julie James
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#55. EBay is a great company. There are a lot of good assets and good customers, and the U.S. people love it. - Author: Jack Ma
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#56. Tom Watson, Tom Watson blew, what, two PGA Championships and a U.S. Open. Did it destroy his life? No, it didn't destroy his life. He learned from it. He went on to win a lot of major championships and obviously became one of the world's great players. - Author: Jack Nicklaus
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#57. Indeed, the U.N. is the main Soviet espionage center in this country. - Author: Jack Anderson
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#58. Failures are the most valuable assets that one can earn. If u dont have any, get some and make yourself stronger! - Author: Nelson Jack
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