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#1. I've already lost a piece of my mind. I can't trust you with what's left. - Author: Katie McGarry
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#2. It's not the hurt pride. It's the lack of love. It's gut wrenching. I mean, a family is an attempt to create a private world of trust in a storm and then it just all gets blown to shit and all the bits get scattered and lost. Everything falls apart. - Author: Daniel Watkins
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#3. Once lost, trust can only be regained if we are as good as our word. - Author: Desmond Tutu
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#4. Trust this: drinking until you go away from the world only wastes moments of your life. All that time is lost. And time and love are incredibly precious. Yes? Don't waste either. - Author: Damon Suede
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#5. I believe in trusting. Trust begets trust. Suspicion is foetid and only stinks. He who trusts has never yet lost in the world. - Author: Mahatma Gandhi
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#6. When your team questions your motives and methods, you have lost their trust and you will not be able to influence them. - Author: John Fairclough
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#7. Every two years the American politics industry fills the airwaves with the most virulent, scurrilous, wall-to-wall character assassination of nearly every political practitioner in the country - and then declares itself puzzled that America has lost trust in its politicians. - Author: Charles Krauthammer
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#8. But when you know, you know. And when you've lost everything you thought was real, you recognize real when you see it. You just have to trust it. - Author: J.B. Hartnett
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#9. When you get lost in a really strange place,
nothing is more comforting than found your
friend whom you trust and can show the way. - Author: Toba Beta
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#10. If I were in politics, and if you ever get me in the White House, trust me, there's a big change coming. What happened to America? We lost our roots. - Author: Phil Robertson
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#11. I trust you have seen the ocean. If you have, then you have witnessed the divine. How barren the ground is in comparison! If I could count the hours I have spent staring out at it! And yet those hours never feel lost. I cannot imagine how else I could refill them were I given a second chance. - Author: David Ebershoff
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#12. How do you teach a man who has lost everything, not to fear it happening again? How do you teach a person to trust in something none of us can guarantee? - Author: Mia Sheridan
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#13. There is potential for boundless good in the boy I knew. Trust that the man you see now is a shadow of what lies beneath. If you would, give him the love that will enable him to see it for himself. To a lost soul, such a treasure is worth its weight in gold. Worth its weight in dreams. - Author: Renee Ahdieh
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#14. Never accept a counteroffer. If they weren't good to you the first time, they've lost their chance to gain your loyalty and trust. What makes you think it will be better the next time? - Author: Christine Brae
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#15. I don't know how much you have lost faith in people; but you can still find someone to trust. - Author: M.F. Moonzajer
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#16. Because you understand. More than anyone. Because you know what it's like never to trust anyone - to be completely alone, lost in a disguise of your own making. Because ... because for quite some time I've - - Author: Sara B. Larson
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#17. If we lose faith and trust, then we've lost everything - Author: James Ponti
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#18. Accuracy means something to me. It's vital to my sense of values. I've learned not to trust people who are inaccurate. Every aviator knows that if mechanics are inaccurate, aircraft crash. If pilots are inaccurate, they get lost-sometimes killed. In my profession life itself depends on accuracy. - Author: Charles Lindbergh
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#19. I guess it feels to me that the political argument that has been lost in my lifetime is taxation. How do you engage in that debate when people don't trust politicians at all? It is almost impossible to start a conversation about taxation. - Author: Johann Lamont
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#20. I don't forgive people.Just ask Shauna Bradley. We were best friends in kindergarten until I discovered she was the one stealing the fruit snacks from my desk. She lost my trust that day, and
even now when I see her, I have to refrain myself from shouting, Why? Why did you do it?! - Author: Nicole Christie
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#21. Never change the URL of your blog. I've done it once, and I lost much of my readership. It took several months to build up the same reader patterns and trust. - Author: Robert Scoble
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#22. I think the industry finally gets it. They've lost the connection with the American public, and they've got to rebuild the trust with the American public. - Author: Billy Tauzin
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#23. I thought I lost you again. You couldn't know what those four years were like. To not know where you were, who you were with, or if you were being treated well? I wasn't sure for a long time if you were even alive. I don't ever want to go through that again. Vance ... The Elder Effect - Author: D.L. Given
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#24. You wagered you could indulge passion and receive trust and honor in return, and lost. - Author: Julie Anne Long
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#25. Should I trust this man? I want to. I want to just throw caution to the wind and shout, Yes! Yes! Fix me! Please make me normal. However, a nagging negative feeling restrains me. I know that if I accept this offer, something terrible will happen. Something terrible always does. - Author: Loretta Lost
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#26. When trust is lost, traumatized people feel that they belong more to the dead than to the living. - Author: Judith Lewis Herman
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#27. I lost my sense of trust, honesty and compassion. I crashed down and became what I consider an emotional mess. I've never been so miserable in my whole life. I just wanted to go to bed and never get up. - Author: Shania Twain
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#28. Every president has to live with the result of what Lyndon Johnson did with Vietnam, when he lost the trust of the American people in the presidency. - Author: Robert Caro
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#29. That's the thing about love, you have to get lost to find someone you can trust. - Author: Debasish Mridha
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#30. My claims were justified in all men's sight; I put my trust in equity and right; Yet, to my horror and the world's disgrace, Justice is mocked, and I have lost my case! A scoundrel whose dishonesty is notorious Emerges from another lie victorious! - Author: Moliere
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#31. All the lessons of history and experience must be lost upon us if we are content to trust alone to the peculiar advantages we happen to possess. Look, being a lame flunky for a batshit crazy person isn't all that bad. Stay alive long enough and you may sneak your way to Washington! - Author: Martin Van Buren
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#32. A confused society, a deeply endangered society, is a group of people all lost in nightmarish commute. The systems, institutions, and culture of such a society discourage people from feeling the trust and belonging that come with being at home in your world. A - Author: Ethan Nichtern
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#33. Trust is hard to gain, but it is even harder to regain once lost. - Author: Innocent Mwatsikesimbe
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#34. For the world was changing, and sweetness was gone, and virtue too. Worry had crept on a corroding world, and what was lost- good manners, ease and beauty? Ladies were not ladies anymore, and you couldn't trust a gentleman's word. - Author: John Steinbeck
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#35. Like the kite that caught up to the sky,
painted with clouds, I lost track of it,
but it was connected
by string, something I was holding,
something I could always
bring back. - Author: Kelli Russell Agodon
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#36. The inevitable result of borrowed faith is lost faith. People born into a family anchored in Christendom tend to assume they're right with God, regardless of whether they personally turn from sin and trust in Jesus. - Author: Mark Driscoll
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#37. No important relationship survives if trust is totally lost. - Author: Paul Ekman
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#38. Da used to say that lies were easy, but trust was hard. Trust is like faith: it can turn people into believers, but every time it's lost, trust becomes harder and harder to win back. - Author: Victoria Schwab
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#39. Some things, however, are true no matter how hard you might try to block them out,
and a lie is always a lie, no matter how prettily told. Some doors, once they're opened,
can never be closed again, just as some trust, once it's been lost, can never be won back. - Author: Alice Hoffman
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#40. Misunderstandings arise only in undefined relationships - Author: Anuradha Bhattacharyya
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#41. Who knows a man's name, holds that man's life in his keeping. Thus to Ged, who had lost faith in himself, Vetch had given him that gift that only a friend can give, the proof of unshaken, unshakeable trust. - Author: Ursula K. Le Guin
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#42. Let me say this: I'm paranoid of the government. They've lost my trust. They've lied to me so many times that I don't know what to believe from them anymore. - Author: Jesse Ventura
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#43. I shut up. I don't fight, I don't scream. Shame rides alongside my terror. But somewhere deep, deep inside, I hear Mom tell me to trust my gut. My gut tells me I am blind and I am lost, and if I fought for freedom now, it would end in my death. I listen to my gut. Because I want to live. - Author: Carolyn Lee Adams
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#44. A president who is burdened with a failed and unpopular war, and who has lost the trust of the country, simply can no longer govern. He is destined to become as much a failure as his war. - Author: Glenn Greenwald
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