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#1. Us is my favorite people.

Rick Riordan

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#2. A day is a pocket of possibility and it's always there, waiting for your willing hand.

Ann Voskamp

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#3. Heart disease is no laughing matter. After my father suffered a massive heart attack, I realized just how serious heart disease can be.

Cheryl Hines

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#4. This name reminds us of Baptism, which should be practiced in daily tribulations and produce its effects so that we grow into a new and perfect man (cf. Eph. 4:13-15) and in this way the name of Christian be perfected until our name and Old Adam are abolished. Therefore

Martin Luther

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#5. Every time I do something for you, I'm trying to demonstrate the words I cannot say.

Sylvain Reynard

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#6. It was the beginning of film for television. So we had all of these great opportunities. Northwestern was probably the only major film school of its kind at the time that was graduating anybody important.

Richard Donner

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#7. Why is it that at the very moment I need to appear graceful I stumble and fall like a klutz, as though this scene had never played through my mind differently a million times?

Richelle E. Goodrich

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#8. No man can judge what a woman does to feed herself, for no man will ever be in her position. At

Tom Breen

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#9. Coffee in the morning, cocaine afternoons.

Jackson Browne

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#10. If you appreciate your life, if you appreciate your job, if you appreciate yourself, if you appreciate your surroundings-poor or rich, whatever they are-you are divine.

Harbhajan Singh Yogi

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#11. It is normal to be curious. The only shame is if all the musts and shoulds drown out the wants that we hear inside ourselves.

Madeline Hunter

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#12. A sparing tongue is the greatest treasure among men.


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#13. If you're more concerned about our reputation than about me, then I'll just withdraw and not have a family anymore. p.32

Gregory R. Reid

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#14. The greatest sin is carelessness.

Linda Ronstadt

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