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Top 42 It'll Get Better In Time Quotes

#1. If you're not interested in getting better, it's time for you to stop leading. - Author: Patrick Lencioni
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#2. I think we're in a very exciting time - visually, I think we are. I've not got a crystal ball. I'm not saying I know what the future is at all. In some ways I'm getting quite pessimistic about the future, but in other ways I think it might get better. We are moving into very big changes. - Author: David Hockney
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#3. Motivating through fear may work in the short term to get people to do something, but over the long run I believe personal pride is a much greater motivator. It produces far better results that last for a much longer time. - Author: John Wooden
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#4. So along with that is spending a lot of time with the ball. For me it was, I loved to juggle the ball in my front yard, and I always challenged myself - how many juggles can I get today? I think for players to get better, it's just about spending the time. - Author: Brandi Chastain
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#5. Every single year since they invented sound recording it gets better and better. We've always improved it. With MP3, which just sounds awful, it's the first time in the history of recorded music that it sounds worse. It's really - and it's everywhere, it's ubiquitous. - Author: Linda Ronstadt
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#6. 'Urban Renewal' was sweet because I've been - unfairly, I would say - plonked in the middle of the road because of a handful of songs. It came at a good time for me, because you do take a bit of a browbeating and, as you get older, you become better at accepting it and realizing why it happens. - Author: Phil Collins
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#7. Would it make you feel better to know that we all get the same number of hours in a day, days in a year? Some people might be rich and some might be poor, but none of them can buy time. It is one of the fairest systems in the world. - Author: L. H. Cosway
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#8. In my estimation it's silly to go out and spend your time aiding people if you don't have your own act together yet. So I'd rather you spend the time, get it right, and it'll all work out a lot better. - Author: Frederick Lenz
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#9. I suppose when the things that give you bad dreams live inside you, there's no point in trying to stop them. They're going to come out whenever they decide it is their time. Better just to close your eyes and hold on tight, the faster to get the things you fear to go back to sleep themselves. - Author: Cameron Dokey
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#10. It's one of those books that even though you like it, it manages to get better each time, and you find yourself falling in love with it all over again. - Author: Kim Holden
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#11. If I knew that, I'd fall in love over and over again. Hearts aren't supposed to be mended. If you fall in love and it doesn't work out, you get a broken heart. What comes out of that will make you a better lover and partner next time. - Author: Griffin Dunne
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#12. But you think that it is time for me to have done with the world, and so I would if I could get into a better before I was called into the best, and not die here in a rage, like a poisoned rat in a hole. - Author: Jonathan Swift
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#13. There are these two kinds of patriotism. There's blind patriotism, unflagging patriotism. And then there's the patriotism that says I live in a democracy and it's very important for the health and the life of this democracy that it get better all the time, not get worse. - Author: Norman Mailer
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#14. But the real way to get happiness is by giving out happiness to other people. Try and leave this world a little better than you found it and when your turn comes to die, you can die happy in feeling that at any rate you have not wasted your time but have done your best. - Author: Baden Powell
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#15. Open your eyes. This horrible mess is your life. There is no sense in waiting for it to get better. Stop putting it off and live it. - Author: Robin Hobb
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#16. Let's get your face washed and fix your hair," Catriona said. "My mother used to say that will make ye begin to feel better."
"Mine said that too, but it won't help this time."
"Well, my mother also said that wallowing in misery never fixed a thing. - Author: Margaret Mallory
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#17. Oh, things always get better. Tomorrow will always be better. Just think about it ... is there any time in history in which you'd rather live than now? - Author: Paul Harvey
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#18. In my opinion, the only way to conquer stage fright is to get up on stage and play. Every time you play another show, it gets better and better. - Author: Taylor Swift
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#19. I guided my heap into the heart of Capitol Hill wondering for the first time in fourteen years what I could do to get money besides drive cabs or rob banks. Both occupations had their pros and cons. For instance, bank robbery isn't quite as dangerous as cab driving, but it pays better. - Author: Gary Reilly
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#20. No one rises above who he or she has been without first having fallen down. The best time - in fact, the only time - to make a real change in your life is in the moment of seeing the need for it. He who hesitates always gets lost in the hundred reasons why tomorrow is a better day to get started. - Author: Guy Finley
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#21. Sometimes it seems to stand still. Like you're in a bag and you can't get out and somebody's always telling you that it will get better with time and time just seems to stand still and laugh at you and your pain. - Author: Hubert Selby Jr.
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#22. Maybe it's better this way. You have to live in the present, right? The past is past, and no matter how much time I spend with those pictures, I'm never going to get it back. - Author: Paul Auster
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#23. With every project I've ever done, I've always treated it like I'm still in school. Each time you try to go a little further, get a little deeper, feel a little more, sculpt it a little better. - Author: Kim Basinger
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#24. Veterans get priority in the training room and better parking, but there is not a whole lot of difference in terms of how they're treated in the competition for playing time. To me it doesn't matter if a guy is a 10-year veteran or a rookie. If the rookie is better, he finds his way onto the field. - Author: Brendan Daly
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#25. I rather spend every Sunday of my life hanging off a cliff to rescue someone than spend one more time sitting in a pew next to hypocrites that talk about what they will do to better themselves and the world when they get around to it. - Author: Shannon L. Alder
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#26. Why are not more gems from our great authors scattered over the country? Great books are not in everybody's reach; and though it is better to know them thoroughly than to know them only here and there, yet it is a good work to give a little to those who have not the time nor means to get more. - Author: Samuel Taylor Coleridge
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#27. My formula for success is just a lot of hard work. It's believing in yourself. It's a pride that I gotta get better at something every time I wake up. - Author: Kevin Ollie
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#28. People are reading. In fact, due to social media they are reading more than any time in history. Now we must find a way to get them to include books in all that reading. It starts with us writers doing a better job of writing. - Author: Will Gibson
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#29. We got this gift of life and we got it one time and we gonna get hurt in it and be hurt going through it and the only thing that'll make that hurt better or hurt less is love. - Author: James Frey
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#30. In film, you get to take your time and make it right. In TV, it's all about the schedule. The train is moving and you sometimes just don't have time to make things right, which is painful 'cause you know it could be done better and you just have no choice. - Author: Seth Gordon
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#31. Everyone reaches their point in time where either they die or they get sick of doing drugs. It started getting debilitating. I enjoy my music a lot better than my drugs. - Author: Al Jourgensen
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#32. There is only one person in the world, aside from your dog, who has any hope of liking you regardless of your success or failure. That's you. I think it's worth a little of your time to get to know that person better. - Author: H.L. Stephens
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#33. I think the time in between albums, as much as it was not anticipated, it was much-needed, and very helpful, very useful. I've done nothing but hone my craft, and get better, and learn, and gather information in the process. So I'm grateful for it in retrospect. - Author: Joe Budden
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#34. What puts you so in the zone that hours and hours pass and you've barely glanced at the clock? If money were no issue, what is the thing you feel so passionately about that you'd do it for free? What do you care about enough to want to put in the time required to get better and better at it? - Author: Claire Cook
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#35. If you have not known love, then the only reason not to die is that life will get better or god exists. If you don't believe in either, perhaps it is time for you to go. - Author: Amit Agarwal
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#36. Training is the word we use now. To train means to teach a particular skill over a period of time. Every time you get up, show up, work out, you are training yourself to be better, to live happier and healthier. Don't expect results in a snap. Remember, change takes however long it takes. - Author: Toni Sorenson
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#37. I think when I started to get in shape and spend time at the gym, I could be better to other people and be better to myself and get back to loving fashion and experience it myself. I started to wear kilts and lace dresses. - Author: Marc Jacobs
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#38. Painting is a slow process; it takes time to get there, you learn little by little and always want the next painting to be better than the last. For me, success is about this, seeing the slow progress in my work. - Author: Ali Banisadr
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#39. Your life will get better if you truly believe it will. First ... You must plant that seed of faith and then sprinkle it with patience because anything good in life takes time. But if you don't give up you will see changes. It's all up to you! - Author: Timothy Pina
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#40. I definitely feel like kids do look up to me as a potential role model. It's an honor, but it can also be a burden. I may be on TV, but I'm also a teenager. I don't get it right every time. But I always do my absolute best to stay above board in every way. My fans inspire me to be a better person. - Author: Nathan Kress
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#41. We waste a lot of our lives sometimes. There are people sitting across from us who would make the whole world better if we spent more time with them in it, but we can't get across that gully. - Author: Adam Duritz
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#42. If you stay in bed all day with the covers over your head, if you overeat for the millionth time in your life, if you get drunk, if you get stoned, if it's just this habitual thing that you think is going to make you feel better, you know that's going to depress you and make you more discouraged. - Author: Pema Chodron
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