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#1. I try to make a film that's very entertaining, very funny, but also gives you something to think about. And the strongest thing I have to offer is my point of view, to get across how I see the world in hopes that it can change the way other people see the world, hopefully for the better.

Terry Zwigoff

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#2. When I was living on the street I would be standing out in front of Grauman's Chinese Theater, leaning against my car and signing autographs and nobody had any idea that I was living in it.

Danny Bonaduce

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#3. I kept going to different colleges, but dropped out.

Spencer Dryden

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#4. If Caribbean writers have one single unifying theme, it is a strong sense of place, and of home. There is also - always, beneath the humour, which is a West Indian characteristic - a sadness: an awareness of a past that can never really be forgotten, or forgiven.

Malcolm Bradbury

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#5. Wonder is not a Pollyanna stance, not a denial of reality; wonder is an acknowledgement of the power of the mind to transform, to notice, to decide what experience shall mean.

Christina Baldwin

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#6. Luz's father had had it; it was how he kept himself atop everyone around him. He believed harder in stupider things, and there was somehow authority in this.

Claire Vaye Watkins

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#7. I grew up doing theater when I was very young - always enjoyed it.

Italia Ricci

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#8. My family and my friends inspire me.

Italia Ricci

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#9. Keep on knocking relentlessly again and again until the Lord answers

Sunday Adelaja

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#10. I've been talking to people, and I've gone to hospitals, talked to survivors, to doctors, to caregivers. I just learned that there's really no one way for somebody to experience dealing with cancer.

Italia Ricci

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#11. I have such incredible friends in L.A. that are pretty much my family now - I mean, outside of the family I have back in Canada - but they just supported me so hard and believed in me when I barely believed in myself anymore. I still can't thank them enough. They mean the world to me.

Italia Ricci

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#12. I know you're capable of juggling the entire world on your shoulders, but you don't have to do it alone. Do it with me. Marry Me.

Jaci Burton

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#13. I try my best to stay healthy, but I have the appetite of a nine-year-old boy, so I just pay for it in workouts.

Italia Ricci

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#14. we were buying things we actually loved, not things to show off,

Kevin Kwan

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#15. Justice is not always done in this world; we see that everyday. But on the Last Day it will be done for all to see. And no one will be able to complain by saying, "This isn't fair."

D. A. Carson

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