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Top 18 Isness Quotes

#1. That All-That-Isness that is responding to your vibration is that which you call God. - Author: Esther Hicks
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#2. The joke newspaper, it says Canada abandons the monarchy. - Author: Mark McKinney
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#3. Whatever is arising in this moment, whatever condition, is part of the isness of life and therefore accepting it fully makes you an expression of the enormous power of life itself-true intelligence, which only comes when you stop obstructing the power of the present moment. - Author: Eckhart Tolle
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#4. Accepting means you allow yourself to feel whatever it is you are feeling at that moment. It is part of the isness of the Now. You can't argue with what is. Well, you can, but if you do, you suffer. - Author: Eckhart Tolle
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#5. And they're [Coen brothers] so smart, they're so witty, they have such an extraordinary way of communicating with an audience in a such a clean way - with just a few lines or just a gesture from a character, they say so much. - Author: Angelina Jolie
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#6. Behold the pre-prophetic symbols of the planes of Never. Behold, behold this thisness! This isness. - Author: Sun Ra
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#7. I am less and less a creature of influences in myself which operate beyond my ken in the realms of the unconscious. I am increasingly an architect of self. I am free to will and choose. I can, through accepting my individuality, my 'isness,' become more of my uniqueness, more of my potentiality. - Author: Carl R. Rogers
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#8. The isness of things is well worth studying; but it is their whyness that makes life worth living. - Author: William Beebe
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#9. Okay, it is what it is and I am what I it, but its isness and my itness seem to be stretching the meaning of "is" and "it. - Author: Tom Robbins
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#10. I used to be very hands-on, but lately I've been more hands-off and I plan to become more hands-on and less hands-off and hope that hands-on will become better than hands-off, the way hands-on used to be. - Author: George Steinbrenner
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#11. As an entrepreneur you own your business, you expand your brand, you increase your impact, you live with no excuses, and you enjoy your intentional growth daily. - Author: Farshad Asl
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#12. I'm very envious of the few artists who are any good and still do portraits. - Author: Howard Hodgkin
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#13. When you say "yes" to the "isness" of life, when you accept this moment as it is, you can feel a sense of spaciousness within you that is deeply peaceful. - Author: Eckhart Tolle
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#14. The things you have that money won't buy are the things that will enable you to get more of the things that money will buy. - Author: Zig Ziglar
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#15. Everything is as it is at any moment. There's no way of arguing, because you are arguing with reality - the isness of this moment. You can argue with it, but that's suffering. - Author: Eckhart Tolle
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#16. We'll be presenting a broad spectrum of the music and looking at how the younger guys can carry it on. - Author: Keith Emerson
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#17. Where there is Isness, there God is. Creation is the giving of isness from God. And that is why God becomes where any creature expresses God. - Author: Meister Eckhart
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#18. We are what we are at this moment and no more. - Author: Aporva Kala
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