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Top 8 Iscipline Quotes

#1. If I want to be great, I have to win the victory over myself ... self-d iscipline.

Harry S. Truman

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#2. America is the greatest sin against God.

Michael Pfleger

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#3. I want to move well and comfortably, and enjoy the world around me.

Jack LaLanne

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#4. Rather than telling you want not to be, think, wear, eat, say or do, your soul will be prompting you to reach for your greatest joy.

Catherine Carrigan

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#5. No man is really saved unless he is in his heart obedient to Christ.

Charles Spurgeon

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#6. You think you want me now. But you'll change. Someday you'll find it damned easy to forget about me. I'm a bastard. A servant, and not even an upper servant at that
"You're the other half of me." (Again The Magic)

Lisa Kleypas

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#7. Do you believe in life after love?


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#8. We know that prayer in and of itself cannot save us, but carrying it out before God can. For when the Lord's eyes are upon us He sanctifies us, as the sun warms everything upon which it shines.

Gregory Palamas

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