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#1. Not that that's the goal, but sometimes these funny insights can also be deeply profound.

Ted Alexandro

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#2. It's very interesting that most of the roles I've gotten are grim, when I'm actually a very well-adjusted man and had a happy upbringing. I guess there are some dark shadows somewhere in there, but I'm a big kid.

Tony Todd

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#3. If death is your lover, you don't got to be afraid ever that he will ever leave you

Francesca Lia Block

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#4. But there was never any arguing with Janus, least of all from the other end of a flik-flik line.

Django Wexler

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#5. There was something about the sound of a man in pain that resembled the sound of a wounded animal.

Benjamin Alire Saenz

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#6. It is amazing what women in love will do


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#7. Only the drum is confident, it thinks the world has not changed

Robinson Jeffers

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#8. Twitter is not a good place for people who feel they're being followed.

Dana Gould

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#9. The God who existed before any religion counts on you to make the oneness of the human family known and celebrated.

Desmond Tutu

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#10. He doesn't think you're going to be faithful, does he? Not while he fucks his wife every weekend."
"He doesn't fuck her."
"Where did the children come from?

Marshall Thornton

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#11. When we're impatient with beginners around us, we would do well to sign up for a class in scuba diving, ballroom dancing or anything else totally brand-new for us.

Susan Collins

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