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#1. Book is the best friend, have no demand, no complain - Author: Avi Salmon
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#2. The soldiers don't know what they want, or what they hate, or what they like. They're used to acting in large bodies, and they seem to have to make demonstrations. - Author: F Scott Fitzgerald
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#3. And here's why it worked: man or woman, gay, straight, bisexual, you name it, we all just want to be teased. - Author: Taylor Jenkins Reid
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#4. The one place where the Christian can be naked without fear is in the presence of Christ. - Author: R.C. Sproul
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#5. Every girl who has dated a football player ... They all have sex the same way. - Author: Kim Kardashian
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#6. I wasn't raised in a household where it was considered abnormal to be gay. So for me to meet people who use the word 'f-ggot' as an insult, with a derogatory meaning, I can't take it. - Author: Ariana Grande
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#7. Our three big emergencies are fire, loss of pressurization or contaminated atmosphere. Any of those things in a spaceship are very deadly and time critical. Everybody's trained, but I'm the commander of the ship, and it's up to me to decide. - Author: Chris Hadfield
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#8. If you don't have savings, and your co-founders are as poor as you are, and if Mom and Dad won't loan you money, then your best bet is to find people that know you - your friends. If they, too, won't help, then you're stuck seeking out angel investors. - Author: Vivek Wadhwa
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#9. I don't believe in types, I believe in people. - Author: Tom Branson
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#10. I may be a maverick, but it doesn't mean I like playing tricks. - Author: Chen Guangbiao
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#11. I'd like to be for cinema what Shakespeare was for theatre, Marx for politics and Freud for psychology: someone after whom nothing is as it used to be. - Author: Rainer Werner Fassbinder
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#12. Most of the fundamental ideas of science are essentially simple, and may, as a rule, be expressed in a language comprehensible to everyone. - Author: Albert Einstein
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#13. I think when it comes to television as opposed to film, the producers really are the writers. We work with people who are purely financial producers. - Author: Marc Guggenheim
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#14. Every whore had a sob story, but no one wanted to think about it - least of all the whore. - Author: Pepper Winters
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