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Top 8 Intristes Quotes

#1. With your talents and industry, with science, and that steadfast honesty, which eternally pursues right, regardless of consequences, you may promise yourself everything but health, without which there is no happiness.

Thomas Jefferson

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#2. The more people one has to love, the more one's capacity to love stretches.

Quentin Crisp

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#3. At a time when America should be doing everything we can to lead the fight to defeat ISIS and other radical jihadists, Donald Trump is playing right into their hands.

Rachel Maddow

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#4. I would go out into the desert. The desert was my teacher. I didn't know about gurus and wise people-I wasn't a reader.

Byron Katie

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#5. If you have to choose between power and speed and it often turns out you have to make that choice, you've got to go for speed.

Sparky Anderson

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#6. When you are dead, it is hard to find the light switch.

Woody Allen

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#7. But if familiarity breeds contempt, it also fosters a bond -

James St. James

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#8. How can an article about me or the Batman be the true story when I am not consulted or interviewed?

Bob Kane

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