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Top 17 Intermediation Quotes

#1. The key function of banks is money creation, not intermediation. - Author: Michael Kumhof
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#2. Innovation doesn't come from the big company. It never has and never will. Innovation is something new that looks crazy at first glance. It comes from the 19-year-olds and the start-ups that no one's heard of. - Author: Marc Andreessen
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#3. Tonight
A parapet of breeze
tonight on which to lean
my melancholy - Author: Giuseppe Ungaretti
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#4. Usually when I write lyrics I try to read a lot and listen to a lot of other stuff. Some of my favourite lyricists are like Lou Reed, kind of the classics - Bob Dylan and stuff like that. - Author: Andrew VanWyngarden
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#5. Never depend on the multitude, full of instability and whims; always take precautions against it. - Author: Napoleon Bonaparte
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#6. Mentorship happens organically, and you can't just force it. Many men don't even know HOW to mentor, and often mentor others by accident. It's not a mentor's responsibility to mentor, it's the responsibility of the mentee to seek mentorship and appropriate it. - Author: Josh Hatcher
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#7. He knew the truth. Yes, my dear child, he would undoubtedly tell a terrified toddler tremulously seeking succor, monsters are real. I happen to have one hanging in my basement. - Author: Rick Yancey
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#8. Narrow banks could restart effective intermediation and ensure that consumers and employment-creating small and medium-size enterprises are adequately financed and can contribute to the reactivation of the economy. - Author: Edmund Phelps
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#9. Whenever a snowflake leaves the sky,It turns and turns to say "Good-by!Good-by, dear clouds, so cool and gray!"Then lightly travels on its way. - Author: Mary Mapes Dodge
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#10. Well, it's like that myth about the hero. He made wings out of wax so he could fly, but when he got too close to the Sun, to God, the wax melted and he crashed to the ground - Author: Hiromu Arakawa
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#11. Winning games, titles and championships isn't all it's cracked up to be, but getting there, the journey, is a lot more than it's cracked up to be. - Author: John Wooden
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#12. Good corporate governance, it's about being proper and prosper. - Author: Toba Beta
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#13. Neither make thy friend equal to a brother; but if thou shalt have made him so, be not the first to do him wrong. - Author: Hesiod
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#14. I'm getting so slow at my work it makes me despair, but ... I'm increasingly obsessed by the need to render what I experience, and I'm praying that I'll have a few more good years left to me ... - Author: Claude Monet
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#15. It was a perfect moment and she was shocked to feel a tear roll slowly down her cheek. The warm droplet reached his finger where it lay against her skin, and even though it was far too dark to see anything clearly, she sensed that he was bringing it up to his mouth. - Author: Emily Arden
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#16. But in general, as countries get wealthier, there's going to be more savings, which means you're going to have intermediation. So part of it is just the huge growth in wealth, and part of it was globalization - these companies, these clients getting much bigger and much more global. - Author: Jamie Dimon
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#17. Every day silence harvests its victims. Silence is a mortal illness. - Author: Natalia Ginzburg
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