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#1. History is not just a tale of men's making, but is a thing tied to the land. We call a hill by the name of a hero who died there, or name a river after a princess who fled beside its banks, and when the old names vanish, the stories go with them and the new names carry no reminder of the past. - Author: Bernard Cornwell
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#2. Dream no small dreams for they have no power to move the hearts of men. - Author: Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
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#3. When you hear the phrase "rescue the financial system," translate it in your mind into "keep the debts on the books." They are trying to find a way for you (and debtor nations too) to keep paying and for the debt to keep growing. - Author: Charles Eisenstein
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#4. Developing low carbon sources of energy supply will enhance our energy security - Author: Charles Hendry
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#5. I mean I never feel I feel what I ought to feel. - Author: John Fowles
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#6. It's so hard to write about countries like Haiti because there's truths behind the misperceptions people have. But there's so much more. There are multiple truths. - Author: Roxane Gay
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#7. Playing on the PGA Tour and playing professional golf, I think it's what everyone has dreamed of doing - all the guys who are out here. I'm just happy to be able to call this a job, if you want to call it a job. - Author: Rickie Fowler
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#8. I hate when I'm not done with my cup but my mom decides to put it in the dishwasher anyway and the cup isn't dishwasher safe. I keep telling my mom that my origami coffee mugs are hand wash ONLY. Handshakes are also hand wash only.
-Karen Quan and Jarod Kintz - Author: Karen Quan
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#9. I think that one's art is a growth inside one. I do not think one can explain growth. It is silent and subtle. One does not keep digging up a plant to see how it grows. - Author: Emily Carr
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#10. Fluorescent lights on the ceiling lit up the white Formica top of her desk like an operating table, white-sand beach at high noon, French fries under the heat lamp at McDonald's. - Author: Dennis Vickers
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#11. My favorite app is, without a doubt, Instagram. It's such a fun way to share photos and life's captured moments with friends, family and fans. - Author: Max Von Essen
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#12. Backward, flow backward, O tide of the years!I am so weary of toil and of tears,-Toil without recompense, tears all in vain!Take them, and give me my childhood again! - Author: Elizabeth Chase Allen
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#13. Architects spend an entire life with this unreasonable idea that you can fight against gravity. - Author: Renzo Piano
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#14. I like old movies, screwball comedies, vintage clothes, and basically I'm an old-fashioned gal. - Author: Zooey Deschanel
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#15. He could only nod as he tucked the scrap in his belt. He looked at the three figures before him, wishing Bult and List had been present for this, but there would be no staged goodbyes, no comfort of roles to step into. Like everything else, the moment was messy, awkward and incomplete. - Author: Steven Erikson
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#16. Could she ever be, would she be, where she was going? - Author: Eudora Welty
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#17. I find that the crazy narcissists, the selfish loons are often the most fun to be around, weirdly. - Author: Paul Giamatti
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