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Top 11 Inspirational Actress Quotes

#1. I never thought of myself as a Broadway actress. I'm not really a singer or a dancer. - Author: Spencer Kayden
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#2. For an actress to be a success, she must have the face of a Venus, the brains of a Minerva, the grace of Terpsichore, the memory of a MaCaulay, the figure of Juno, and the hide of a rhinocerus. - Author: Ethel Barrymore
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#3. There are two powers in this world which cannot be matched. Beauty and Youth. Buy the beauty and imprison the youth. Give the best models, actress, and girls from town and nail them. I do not care how much it costs. - Author: Ravindra Shukla
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#4. My mission has always been to do something that suits everybody. - Author: Raphael Saadiq
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#5. Identity was a liquid state, ever interchangeable, and adaptable to its surroundings... It was better to not have favourites - a snake didn't mourn when it had to shed its skin. - Author: Leonardo Donofrio
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#6. If you are terribly truthful, the ground will always move from under you, and you will have to shift with the constantly shifting truth. - Author: Anais Nin
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#7. Now whenever I watched a Star Wars film, I found myself wondering how the Empire had the technology to make long-distance holographic phone calls between planets light-years apart, and yet no one had figured out how to make a remote-controlled TIE Fighter or X-Wing yet. - Author: Ernest Cline
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#8. Never give up. If you have a dream - no.matter what that dream is, whether it be to become a great actress ir to open your very own sweet shop- never stop.dreaming it, because if you do, life becomes one long nightmare - Author: Victoria Connelly
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#9. The things you can't do will always outnumber the things you can do, and it doesn't matter. The secret of life is this, as the Actress said to the Bishop, 'Find your thing, and get on with it! - Author: Anthony Chapman
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#10. I want people to take pride in Spanish Harlem. These are people that everyone in the community could relate to ... people who mean something special to us. - Author: James De La Vega
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#11. If you're thinking of coming to America, this is what it's like: you've got your Comfort Inn, you've got your Best Western, and you've got your Red Lobster where you eat. Everybody's very fat, everybody's very stupid and everybody's very rude - it's not a holiday programme, it's the truth. - Author: Jeremy Clarkson
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