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#1. ...nobody gets the right to keep you in a pit...

Beth Moore

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#2. The face of nature and civilization in this our country is to a certain point a very sufficient literary field. But it will yield its secrets only to a really grasping imagination. To write well and worthily of American things one need even more than elsewhere to be a master.

Henry James

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#3. I know Jesus Christ died for my sins, and that's all I really need to know.

Ann Coulter

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#4. Two brothers and a sister, my niece, my nephew ... we're a very small group. We're very close, very tight-knit. We spend every holiday weekend together.

Cristela Alonzo

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#5. The extraordinary triumph of the cellphone among India's poor stemmed from its ability to enable a most mundane human need, which is to chat with other people. And when the poor chat, it is not always about curing a child of diarrhea.

Manu Joseph

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