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#1. Style has always been in my mind the author's Self, the creative expression of that Self. - Author: Whit Burnett
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#2. Now the Bible came to be seen as what it obviously is not: a collection of "inerrant" oracles and historical reports, each true in the same way as every other, each subject to only one level of interpretation, and all perfectly in agreement with one another. - Author: David Bentley Hart
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#3. I believe The Bible is the infallible inspired inerrant Word of The Living God and scientifically accurate in every detail. - Author: Kent Hovind
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#4. I'm not the only Labour MP who sent their child to public school but I'm the only one who's questioned about it. - Author: Diane Abbott
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#5. I don't believe my interpretation's inerrant. I don't believe anybody else's interpretation is inerrant, but I do believe the scripture is inerrant. I believe in the plenary, verbal plenary inspiration of scripture, without a doubt. - Author: Rick Warren
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#6. For his anger endureth but a moment; in his favor is life. Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning. - Author: King David
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#7. My interpretation can only be as inerrant as I am, and that's good to keep in mind. - Author: Rachel Held Evans
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#8. Don't write out of what I know; I write out of what I wonder. I think most artists create art in order to explore, not to give the answers. Poetry and art are not about answers to me; they are about questions. - Author: Lucille Clifton
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#9. No one writes as slowly as I do, I'm convinced. It's so hard for me. I learn slowly; I make decisions at a snail's pace. - Author: Virginia Euwer Wolff
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#10. perfection of the life or of the work - Author: Joyce Carol Oates
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#11. They amuse themselves by playing an irrelevant ecclesiastical game called "Let's Pretend." Let's pretend that we possess the objective truth of God in our inerrant Scriptures or in our infallible pronouncements or in our unbroken apostolic traditions. - Author: John Shelby Spong
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#12. The only logical response to inerrant Scripture is to preach it expositionally. - Author: Anonymous
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#13. The Bible is the inerrant ... word of the living God. It is absolutely infallible,without error in all matters pertaining to faith and practice, as well as in areas such as geography, science, history, etc. - Author: Jerry Falwell
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#14. Where the Bible is esteemed as the inspired and inerrant Word of God, preaching can flourish. But where the Bible is treated merely as a record of valuable religious insight, preaching dies. - Author: John Piper
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#15. Scripture is not inerrant; believers are called to interpret biblical texts in light of tradition and reason. - Author: Jon Meacham
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#16. The poor black people in it make the black people in Gone With the Wind look like Malcolm X. - Author: Ben Stein
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#17. Look, we all have something to bring to this discussion. But I think from now on the thing you should bring is silence. - Rimmer - Author: Doug Naylor
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#18. He whispered, Love is as strong as fire. - Author: Elizabeth Hunter
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#19. The Bible becomes a dead idol when we call the words between its covers inerrant, infallible, to be taken literally. This is not a dead book. It is alive. Open it carefully because the new truth that might come leaping out at you could change your life forever. - Author: Mel White
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#20. What a sweet reverence is that when a young man deems his mistress a little more than mortal and almost chides himself for longing to bring her close to his heart. - Author: Nathaniel Hawthorne
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#21. She loved him for doing things like calling her such a goof. He said it with such warmth and affection, as though her being silly meant something good, instead of how her other boyfriends had felt about it - that being goofy or silly made her a scattered flake who didn't fit into their career plans. - Author: Charlotte Stein
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#22. It can be unhelpful to wax eloquent about the inerrancy of Scripture without an accompanying acknowledgment that, while Scripture may be inerrant, there are no inerrant interpreters of Scripture. - Author: Wendy Vanderwal-Gritter
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