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#1. Older forms of indentured servanthood and the bond-service of biblical times had often been harsh, but Christian abolitionists concluded that race-based, life-long chattel slavery, established through kidnapping, could not be squared with biblical teaching either in the Old Testament or the New.

Timothy Keller

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#2. If it were profitable to have indentured servants in the modern world, I'm sure that Richard Scaife's think tanks would have no trouble finding justifications, and assorted Christian groups would explain why it's God's will.

Paul Krugman

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#3. Indentured servitude is banned, but what about students seeking to sell shares of their future earnings in exchange for money up front to pay for their college tuitions?

Robert B. Reich

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#4. Being an employee was considered a form of bondage, only a step above indentured servitude.

John Curl

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#5. One finds fortunes built on slave labor, indentured labor, prison labor, immigrant labor, female labor, child labor, and scab labor - backed by the lethal force of gun thugs and militia. 'Old money' is often little more than dirty money laundered by several generations of possession.

Michael Parenti

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#6. This (George W. Bush's) administration is not sympathetic to corporations, it is indentured to corporations

Ralph Nader

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#7. Debt needs a constant drip of blood, and that blood comes from your gas tank of life: time. And since time is fixed, an increase in indentured time comes from only one source: your free time.

M.J. DeMarco

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#8. The early settlers amazed her
they had pluck, they led lives of sweaty drama. Theirs was a world of corsets and whipping posts and indentured servitude. People worked the land and died in ungainly ways. Modern life, in comparison, seemed a cinch.

Jennifer Vanderbes

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#9. And the so-called 'political process' is a fraud: Our elected officials, like our bureaucratic functionaries, like even our judges, are largely the indentured servants of the commercial interests.

Edward Abbey

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#10. sold into an indentured servitude

Colleen McCullough

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#11. Between a half and two-thirds of all Europeans who migrated to North America between 1650 and 1780 did so under contracts of indentured servitude;

Niall Ferguson

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#12. Law firms can create environments for abusive relationships. This is especially true if an attorney has no self-direction, has no independent means of financial support, and has massive student loan indebtedness. You've basically made yourself an indentured servant.

Robin D. Hart

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#13. War at home is matched by a war on youth. I wrote about this recently. Young people graduate with an average of $23,000 in student loan debt, and they are the ones saddled with it. Youth have become indentured servants and that turns them away from public service.

Henry Giroux

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#14. As many as two out of every three Europeans who came to the colonies were debtors on arrival: they paid for their passage by becoming indentured servants.

Jill Lepore

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#15. I don't have time' is the single most frequently given reason for living fractional, perpetually indentured lives, for not living fully or freely. Because time is life, when we say we don't have enough time, we are admitting that we don't have enough life.

Sonia Johnson

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#16. I think if you believe in past lives, I must have been an extremely deprived being. I must have been mistreated, beaten, and forced into indentured servitude because this life has just been phenomenal.

Bryan Cranston

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#17. I am the proud indentured servant of a brilliant art adviser who may or may not have purposely stapled my index finger to a manila folder

Sloane Crosley

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#18. The cosmere, unfortunately, takes precedence over free food. Watch yourself, Dalinar. Life becomes dangerous, and you're at the center of it.

Brandon Sanderson

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#19. I had some great pitchers while in St. Louis. At first, they only 'pitched' the ball fifty feet. They had an allowance of six bases on balls, which was neutralized to some extent by four strikes. Later on, the 'throw' became a free-for-all, overhand, or any style the pitcher chose.

Charles Comiskey

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#20. When there are a hundred dragons in the sky, it is Hell Down and Hallow Fire. It is the winds of a hurricane and the roar of the storm. We blot out the sun, we blacken the clouds, we churn the sea like foam. It is a magnificent, terrifying sight.

H. Leighton Dickson

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#21. When you fully understand the situation, it is worse than you think.

Barry Commoner

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#22. God's love and mercy (like liberal preachers). Only when people see God as absolutely holy and absolutely loving will the cross of Jesus truly electrify and change them.

Timothy Keller

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#23. They say that life is just a blank chain, and precious moments are the beads we hang off it to make it beautiful.

Holly Smale

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#24. Art is contemplation of the world in a state of grace and imaginatively reflecting that subjective understanding.

Hermann Hesse

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#25. Our truest nature is to help others, and to protect and love them. We care about others, and delight in seeing others happy and safe.

Bryant McGill

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#26. Having examined three thousand haiku poems - two persimmons.

Masaoka Shiki

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#27. I am the candidate of tax cuts, repealing Obamacare, repealing Dodd-Frank, letting the markets work, coming up with patient-and-doctor-centered healthcare solutions instead of more big government - and just generally getting government off the backs of small businesses.

Wendy E. Long

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#28. I was a big history buff as a teenager.

Cary Fukunaga

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#29. Magic is a power, much like madness but so much more like fire.

Cynthia Gael

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#30. The pessimist has to invent new reasons to exist every day: he is a victim of the "meaning" of life.

Emil M. Cioran

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