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#1. Faith is choosing and believing God's dream for your life. Nothing starts happening in your life until you start dreaming. God gave you the ability to dream, to create, to imagine. - Author: Rick Warren
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#2. Oh, I think every author is inspired by all of the books that she reads. - Author: Cornelia Funke
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#3. As novelist Harry Crews once wrote, I'm the kind of person who - if he can't have too much of something - doesn't want any of it. In - Author: Mary Karr
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#4. Democrats' definition of 'rich' - always seems to be set just above whatever the salary happens to be for a member of Congress. Perhaps that says it all. - Author: Steve Steckler
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#5. O who is more to blame: He who sins for pay - Or he who pays for sin? - Author: Juana Ines De La Cruz
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#6. If you're going to make a movie for ten thousand you can talk everybody into doing it for free. You could make a really good-looking movie right for ten grand, if you have an idea. - Author: Steven Soderbergh
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#7. Well, child, you may do whatever you like with your suffering," Hanneke said mildly. "It belongs to you. But I shall tell you what I do with mine. I grasp it by the small hairs, I cast it to the ground, and I grind it under the heel of my boot. I suggest you learn to do the same. - Author: Elizabeth Gilbert
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#8. The image of the "self-destructive artist" is a culturally implanted kill switch. Ignore it. Imagination is a weapon; you have been indoctrinated with these images so that if you discover the weapon, you will use it on yourself and save them the trouble. - Author: Jason Louv
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#9. There were times when I purposely didn't go to school because of Pearl Harbor Day, because certainly there was enough media about it every year to remind everybody. So when I heard they were going to make the movie, I thought, "Oh, no, please not another Pearl Harbor mention!" - Author: Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa
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#10. No, Arrested Development was such an amazing experience in every way, and you know it was very unique in that it was a show that received a lot of critical acclaim, and yet we didn't ever achieve the ratings that we wanted. - Author: Will Arnett
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#11. Ultimately, my hope is to amaze myself, - Author: Jerry Uelsmann
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#12. It is like living in a wilderness of mirrors. No fact goes unchallenged. - Author: Bruce Babbitt
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#13. I think everyone has their own version of romance like and I think everyone has their own romantic side. - Author: Britt Robertson
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