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Top 25 Increase Confidence Quotes

#1. Our confidence doesn't increase by doing the things we already know". - Author: Abdulazeez Henry Musa
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#2. I feel strongly that degrees are really valuable to people, and having MOOCs allow for credit down the line will increase the number of students with the confidence and wherewithal to complete degrees. - Author: Daphne Koller
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#3. A valiant man Ought not to undergo, or tempt a danger, But worthily, and by selected ways, He undertakes with reason, not by chance. His valor is the salt t' his other virtues, They're all unseason'd without it. - Author: Ben Jonson
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#4. I farm taro. I have eight varieties of taro, which is a staple of the Hawaiian people from about 2,000 years ago, and sweet potatoes, and it's a sustainable living, agriculture, off the grid. - Author: Jason Scott Lee
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#5. One person can make all the difference in the world. For the first time in recorded human history, we have the fate of the whole planet in our hands. - Author: Chrissie Hynde
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#6. Horsemanship should be fun. By learning how to control your horse in any situation, your confidence will greatly increase. When you're confident, you can relax and enjoy your partnership. - Author: Clinton Anderson
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#7. The media no longer hesitate to whip up lurid anxieties in order to increase sales, in the process undermining social confidence and multiplying fears. - Author: A.C. Grayling
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#8. Your self-confidence increases when you know you are living your life according to your highest values. - Author: Brian Tracy
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#9. If this world affords true happiness, it is to be found in a home where love and confidence increase with the years, where the necessities of life come without severe strain, where luxuries enter only after their cost has been carefully considered. - Author: A. Edward Newton
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#10. To have an incredible increase in self esteem, all you have to do is start doing some little something. You don't have to do spectacularly dramatic things for self esteem to start going off the scale. Just make a commitment to any easy discipline. Then another one and another one. - Author: Jim Rohn
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#11. A picture means I know where I was every minute. That's why I take pictures. It's a visual diary. - Author: Andy Warhol
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#12. As the number of unexplained, irreducibly complex biological systems increases, our confidence that Darwin's criterion of failure has been met skyrockets toward the maximum that science allows. - Author: Michael Behe
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#13. Everyone within the sound of my voice has the power to increase a child's confidence in himself or herself and to increase a child's faith in Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ through the words they speak. - Author: Rosemary M. Wixom
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#14. Life leaps like a geyser for those willing to drill through the rock of inertia. - Author: Alexis Carrel
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#15. One-time rival and subsequent usurper Secretary of State Seward finally settled into an assessment of Lincoln that, His confidence and compassion increase every day. - Author: Doris Kearns Goodwin
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#16. Your level of comfort will increase your level of confidence. - Author: Rob Liano
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#17. Here before us was sufficient evidence to show that it really was an entrance to a tomb, and by the seals, to all outward appearances that it was intact. - Author: Howard Carter
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#18. Investors don't like uncertainty. The market is telling us that they need certainty, they need to see where the economy is heading. If the government is committed to continue the Open Door policy, they will need to come up with concrete policies and execution steps to increase confidence. - Author: Zhang Xin
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#19. As to whether it will increase will depend very much on that feel-good factor and the sense of confidence being restored in the people that life is going to get much better for them here at the end of the day. I do not think you will be able to shut the tap off. It will not stop abruptly like that. - Author: Paikiasothy Saravanamuttu
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#20. Customers expect salespeople to stimulate the sales process, to ask the right questions and finally to ask for their business. When this initiative or confidence is lacking, no matter how much they like you personally, they aren't going to respect or value you as a business partner. - Author: Ann-Marie Heidingsfelder
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#21. Spontaneity emerges as our confidence and trust in ourselves increase, and we become more secure in our ability to maintain healthy boundaries. - Author: Melody Beattie
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#22. Only the gospel can do two seemingly contradictory things: destroy pride and increase courage. Destroy self-exaltation and increase confidence. Destroy the pushiness of self-assertion and deliver from the paralysis of self-doubt. - Author: John Piper
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#23. Meaningful rules in the consumer credit market can accelerate economic recovery. Rules would increase consumer confidence and, more importantly, weed out all the tricks and traps that sap families of billions of dollars annually. - Author: Elizabeth Warren
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#24. By affirming your own gifts and accomplishments, you build your confidence and increase your ability to build a brighter future. - Author: Debbie Ford
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#25. I believe that my clothes can give people a better image of themselves - that it can increase their feelings of confidence and happiness. - Author: Giorgio Armani
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