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#1. Dates that come around every year help us measure progress in our lives. One annual event, New Year's Day, is a time of reflection and resolution. - Author: Joseph B. Wirthlin
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#2. My family was made of good people who did good things with what they were given. What fairness does life show in a time like this? But life is not fair and that is nothing new, so I bottled the pain and loss, and released them through a single tear rolling down my cheek. - Author: B.M. Tolbert
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#3. The highest and best use of our time that really matters over the next decade will be working to elect clean-energy candidates, especially in swing states and swing districts around the country. - Author: Eban Goodstein
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#4. There is never a time in the future in which we will work out our salvation. The challenge is in the moment, the time is always now. - Author: James Baldwin
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#5. Ben, schizophrenia alone disables more people for a longer time than cancer. Hundreds of thousands of people are confined to hospitals. We can't turn our backs on them or burn them as witches because of a chemical imbalance in the brain." He - Author: Nora Roberts
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#6. Are you deliberately trying to waste our time," Hal asked in an icy voice, "or are you just being petty?"

"A little of both," said Azrael. - Author: Mirriam Neal
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#7. I knew that every time I saw a person on the street, I saw only his public shadow. The rest, the important part, lies in layer after layer beyond our view.
We have no idea what wonders lie hidden in the people around us. - Author: Anne Nelson
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#8. Our lives are structured by our memories of events. Event X happened just before the big Paris vacation. I was doing Y in the first summer after I learned to drive. Z happened the weekend after I landed my first job. We remember events by positioning them in time relative to other events. - Author: Joshua Foer
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#9. We put all our politicians in prison as soon as they're elected. Don't you?" "Why?" "It saves time. - Author: Terry Pratchett
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#10. The people to become enlightened in Atlantis lit the "flame of enlightenment" on earth for the first time. The members of the various mystery schools have kept the flame alive by passing on the secret techniques for attaining enlightenment from the time of Atlantis to our present day. - Author: Frederick Lenz
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#11. Our best moral stories don't tell us what is right or wrong in every situation, but they show us what one character did in one situation at one time. Readers, viewers, and listeners are supposed to extrapolate the moral meaning from the story. We're not supposed to have it handed to us. - Author: Jonathan D. Fitzgerald
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#12. In previous armies, soldiers used their time to clean their weapons and stock up on ammunition. Our weapons are words, and we may need our arsenal at any moment. - Author: Subcomandante Marcos
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#13. My parents strapped a pair of plastic skis on my boots when I was two years old and sent me down our driveway in Vail. Of course, they were holding on to me the whole time, but that was my first experience 'skiing.' - Author: Mikaela Shiffrin
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#14. In our absence, the violet early evening light pours in the bay window, filling the still room like water poured into a glass. The glass is delicate. The thin, tight surface of the liquid light trembles. But it does not break. Time does not pass. Not yet. - Author: Marya Hornbacher
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#15. But then comes a time when forgetting isn't possible. And I do mean a particular time when no amount of dreaming, not then and maybe not ever, can change how naked and unimportant we become in our own eyes. - Author: Stig Dagerman
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#16. Some people say that, as summer approaches, we start to have weird ideas; we feel smaller because we spend more time out in the open air, and that makes us aware of how large the world is. The horizon seems farther away, beyond the clouds and the walls of our house. - Author: Paulo Coelho
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#17. In life, one is entitled to a side dish of either coleslaw or potato salad, and the choice must be made in terror, with the knowledge that not only is our time on earth limited but most kitchens close at ten. - Author: Woody Allen
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#18. This is a perilous time, and more than ever, the world needs a united and strong America. If, God forbid, we live to see Mr. Obama president, we will live through a socialist era that America has not seen before, and our country will be weakened in every way. - Author: Jon Voight
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#19. The time and intelligence that our ancestors spent on understanding the sovereignty revealed in Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are directed by our contemporaries in affirming and validating the sovereignty of our needs, wants, and feelings. - Author: Eugene H. Peterson
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#20. We dedicate most of the time worrying about our deficiencies and self-criticism instead of concentrating on our goals and believing in our destination - Author: Sunday Adelaja
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#21. Gratitude for the gift of life is the primary wellspring of all religions, the hallmark of the mystic, the source of all true art ... It is a privilege to be alive in this time when we can choose to take part in the self-healing of our world. - Author: Joanna Macy
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#22. In studying ourselves, we find the harmony that is our total existence. We do not make harmony. We do not achieve it or gain it. It is there all the time. Here we are, in the midst of this perfect way, and our practice is simply to realize it and then to actualize it in our everyday life. - Author: John Daishin Buksbazen
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#23. Today the major reason for our interest in Flatland is that for the first time we can achieve some of the dreams of our ancestors a century ago and obtain direct visual experience of phenomena in a dimension higher than our own. - Author: Thomas Banchoff
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#24. We expect professional and financial success to require time and effort. Why do we take success in our relationships for granted? Why should we expect harmony to come naturally just because we are in love? - Author: Eknath Easwaran
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#25. Women can't do everything at the same time, we need to understand milestones in our lives comes in segments. - Author: Madeleine Albright
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#26. Emily and I have now reached the time in life when not only do we lie about our ages, we forget what we've said they are. - Author: Cornelia Otis Skinner
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#27. An act of kindness may take only a moment of our time, but when captured in the heart the memory lives forever. - Author: Molly Friedenfeld
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#28. Each of us, I think, adopts a comfortable and familiar era or place in which to plant ourselves; and from then on, that which disagrees with our memories
a new building here, a change in paint there
is forever jarring and anachronistic. - Author: Daniel D. Victor
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#29. As a population, if a large number of people make even small moves to eat less meat and more plant-based foods, the livestock industry will shrink. Over time, farmers will find other crops to support their livelihoods. Through such collective awakening we can make a difference in our world. - Author: Nhat Hanh
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#30. America's two great specialties are demagogues and rock and roll, and we've all heard plenty of both in our time. - Author: Stephen King
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#31. Involvement in my kids' sports teams is something I have made time for over the years. I've also been able to coach all three of them in baseball and basketball, something that has strengthened our bonds and given me indescribable joy. I wouldn't trade it for anything. - Author: Thomas Perez
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#32. The idea that each corporation can be a feudal monarchy and yet behave in its corporate action like a democratic citizen concerned for the world we live in is one of the great absurdities of our time - - Author: Kim Stanley Robinson
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#33. As far as action is concerned, our films have been coming up with some great sequences. In fact, I think Hollywood is copying Bollywood by getting their heroes to bash up 15 guys at a time. - Author: Vijender Singh
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#34. We may never be able to pay directly for the gifts of true friendship - but pay we must, even though we make our payment to someone who owes us nothing, in some other place and at some other time. - Author: Yousuf Karsh
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#35. Our lives are like the talents in the parable of the three stewards. It is something that has been given to us for the time being and we have the opportunity and privilege of doing our best with this precious gift. - Author: George Vaillant
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#36. A shadow strolled past the car, indifferent to our curbside melodrama. This was my second time imperiled in a a parked vehicle in the space of three hours. I wondered what goonish spectacles I'd overlooked in my own career as a pavement walker. - Author: Jonathan Lethem
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#37. In a world in which the price of calculation continues to decrease rapidly, but the price of theorem proving continues to hold steady or increase, elementary economics indicates that we ought to spend a larger and larger fraction of our time on calculation. - Author: John Tukey
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#38. Our expectation is that by 2050, which is a long time away, India will be the largest economy in the world, overtaking both the U.S. and China. - Author: Adi Godrej
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#39. What fools we are, eh? What fools, sitting here in the sun, singing. And of love, too! I am too old for it and you are too young, and yet we waste our time singing about it.
Ah, well, let's have a glass of wine, eh? - Author: Gerald Durrell
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#40. All art is exorcism. I paint dreams and visions too; the dreams and visions of my time. Painting is the effort to produce order; order in yourself. There is much chaos in me, much chaos in our time. - Author: Otto Dix
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#41. To live with Faith, eliminate Fear.Only one can exist in our Life at any point of time.-RVM - Author: R.v.m.
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#42. My wife and I always comment that our lives are relatively mundane. She's a writer as well, I'm a writer, we spend most of our time writing, and kind of going to yoga in Brooklyn. - Author: Mike Birbiglia
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#43. Narratives are the primary way in which we make sense of our lives, as opposed to, for example schema,cognition, beliefs, constructs. Definition of narrative include the important element of giving meaning to events and experiences over time by connecting them as a developing, continuing story. - Author: Jacqui Stedmon
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#44. To paraphrase science writer John D. Barrow ... we know they are impossible and yet we can imagine them anyway. Our brains, it turns out, are not prisoners of the world we live in; we can fly free! We can, any time we like, create the impossible. - Author: Robert Krulwich
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#45. For the first time in our history, ideology and theology hold a monopoly of power in Washington. - Author: Bill Moyers
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#46. Compromise, hell! That's what has happened to us all down the line
and that's the very cause of our woes. If freedom is right and tyranny is wrong, why should those who believe in freedom treat it as if it were a roll of bologna to be bartered a slice at a time? - Author: Jesse Helms
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#47. Proposing inner-life solutions to our political and economic catastrophes is something done, say the critics, only by people who've spent more time in la-la land than in the 'real world.' - Author: Parker Palmer
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#48. Sooner or later, we all learn that our immortality is rooted not in our professional involvements and achievements, but in our families. In time, all of our wins and losses in the workplace will be forgotten. If our memories endure, it will be because of the people we have known and touched. - Author: Harold S. Kushner
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#49. The cost in terms of liberties lost and the unnecessary exposure to terrorism are difficult to determine, but in time it will become apparent to all of us that foreign interventionism is of no benefit to American citizens, but is instead a threat to our liberties. - Author: Ron Paul
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#50. Stewart loves me with a tiger's intensity, his need taking my breath away, his confidence in our relationship strong enough to not be bothered by the presence of another man. He stares into my soul as if he owns it, and shows his love with money, sex, and rare moments of time. - Author: Alessandra Torre
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#51. Our efforts in chess attain only a hundredth of one percent of their rightful result ... Our education, in all domains of endeavour, is frightfully wasteful of time and values. - Author: Emanuel Lasker
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#52. We visited the unlucky in the hospital and went to funerals, always remarking on the tragedy. But every time we stepped too close to it, we saw our own demises. We went with the full knowledge that we would one day die as well. - Author: Donna Augustine
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#53. In any case, in so far as our knowledge of the universe carries us, the advent of civilization for the first time on our globe represents the highest ascent of the life processes to which evolution had anywhere attained. - Author: James Henry Breasted
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#54. I want to interpret the natural world and our links to it. It's driven by the belief of many world-class scientists that we're in the midst of an extinction crisis ... This time it's us that's doing it. - Author: Frans Lanting
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#55. Let's promise to each other that if we ever meet again we will never plow and push our new-fallen snow. We will not become slush. We will stay like this field and melt away together only in the sun's good time. - Author: Jerry Spinelli
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#56. No baseness or cruelty of treason so deep or so tragic shall enter our human world, but that loyal love shall be able in due time to oppose to just that deed of treason its fitting deed of atonement. - Author: Josiah Royce
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#57. The blues are like the fugue in 18th century. It's probably the music that belongs most to our time. - Author: Michael Tippett
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#58. For the first time in the history of our country the majority of our people believe that the next five years will be worse than the past five years. - Author: Jimmy Carter
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#59. So frequently we mistakenly believe that our children need more things, when in reality their silent pleadings are simply for more of our time. - Author: Thomas S. Monson
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#60. Less than 1 percent of ancient Egypt has been discovered and excavated. With population pressures, urbanization, and modernization encroaching, we're in a race against time. Why not use the most advanced tools we have to map, quantify, and protect our past? - Author: Sarah Parcak
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#61. Every act of suffering, no matter how small or agonisingly great, is a test of love in some way. Most of the time, suffering is also a test of our love for God. - Author: Gregory David Roberts
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#62. Consider this, and in our time As the hawk sees it, or the helmeted airman: - Author: Helen Macdonald
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#63. Is it possible for white America to really understand blacks' distrust of the legal system, their fears of racial profiling and the police, without understanding how cheap a black life was for so long a time in our nation's history? - Author: Philip Dray
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#64. We have a lot of great creators in Square Enix, but for larger-scale development we will be doing more distributed and outsourced development to reach our targets on time. - Author: Motomu Toriyama
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#65. Do certain events in our lives leave a permanent mark, freezing a piece of us in time, and that becomes a touchstone that we measure the rest of our lives against? - Author: Mary E. Pearson
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#66. Advances in technology - hugely beneficial though they are - render us vulnerable in new ways. For instance, our interconnected world depends on elaborate networks: electric power grids, air traffic control, international finance, just-in-time delivery, and so forth. - Author: Martin Rees
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#67. By the time we were knit in our mothers' wombs, our lives were like open books before Him
every sentence read, every paragraph indented, every chapter titled, every page numbered. He knew it all in advance
all the sin, all the selfishness, every weakness. Yet He chose to love us
lavishly. - Author: Beth Moore
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#68. For a very long time I believed that when we left our home, we left my mother as well. Where our village had stood the burned fields would again become green and her flesh would be in every blade of grass. - Author: Alice Hoffman
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#69. Time has a way of reminding us of its perishable nature in the retrospect of our reflections. - Author: Gary Westfal
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#70. It is not the nature of man, as I see it, ever to be quite satisfied with what he has in life ... Contentment tends to breed laxity, but a healthy discontent keeps us alert to the changing needs of our time. - Author: Frances Perkins
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#71. When spring knocks at your door, regardless of the time of year or season of our lives, run, do not walk to that door, throw it open with wild abandon, and say, Yes! Yes, come in! Do me, and do me big! - Author: Jeffrey R. Anderson
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#72. The impulse to pursue God originates with God, but the outworking of that impulse is our following hard after Him; and all the time we are pursuing Him we are already in His hand: Thy right hand has upheld me. - Author: A.W. Tozer
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#73. Each time that we respond unmercifully, our malevolence reveals our lack of faith. If we believe that Jesus will set all things right in the end from his great white throne of judgment then we can be merciful and respond with mercy. - Author: Jason Farley
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#74. The source of magic in this world is more mysterious than all the explanations that sorcerers and wizards have given for it, and it is more prevalent than can be understood by those who live according to the constricted form of reason so prevalent in our time. - Author: Dean Koontz
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#75. There's a reason we'll all end up with just a handful of true friends in our life. These are the people that have taken the time to look at our heart, so despite any flaws they're forever in our lives. - Author: Ron Baratono
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#76. Sometimes we don't know until much later that a particular moment in time has changed our life's direction. - Author: Bronnie Ware
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#77. Every time I'm home, it's like a vacation, but I've been playing in bands since I was 11. I guess our goals were always small goals. It started off my goal was just to be in a band. Then it was to have a drummer that would show up. - Author: Brittany Howard
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#78. The current practice of extending U.S. citizenship to hundreds of thousands of 'anchor babies' must end because it creates a magnet for illegal immigration into our country. Now is the time to ensure that the laws in this country do not encourage law-breaking. - Author: Steve King
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#79. I think it's the tragedy of our time that we're not aware of the affect of the manner in which we've adopted tools. Those tools have become who we are. - Author: Godfrey Reggio
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#80. When it is mid week, pause and ponder! The very single days we disregard are what become the very years we wished to have used effectively and efficiently. If we disregard today, we shall remember our had I know tomorrow. Time changes therefore think of the changing times. - Author: Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
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#81. We are living in enchanted time. With our spirits right. - Author: Ben Okri
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#82. The past has passed; the time for grace is now! Let's respond to the grace of this moment with the gifts of the Spirit active in our lives ... - Author: Kimberly Hahn
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#83. Native Americans are not and must not be props in a sort of theme park of the past, where we go to have a good time and see exotic cultures. "What we have done to the peoples who were living in North America" is, according to anthropologist Sol Tax, "our Original Sin. - Author: James W. Loewen
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#84. Dancing to the sounds of trees and stones and slow minutes ticking in our hearts and bones. - Author: Jay Woodman
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#85. Love, for too many men in our time, consists of sleeping with a seductive woman, one who is properly endowed with the right distribution of curves and conveniences and one upon whom a permanent lien has been acquired through the institution of marriage. - Author: Ashley Montagu
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#86. It is hard to work for years with pure motives, and all the time be looked upon by most of those to whom our lives are devoted as having some sinister object in view. - Author: David Livingstone
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#87. When we're touring America or Europe, we use our own plane and a great advantage of that is it cuts out an awful lot of time checking in. You literally drive up to the plane, get on and then drive off at the other end. - Author: Phil Collins
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#88. I think a lot of us know when it's our time. No matter what profession you're in, you get a feeling. If you worked on it long enough, you know when it's ready. - Author: Nas
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#89. Our lover is the sun, and we the stars forever floating in their glow. We push and push, yearning for our sun's rays to reach out and touch us for just a moment in time ... one second-glance to warm our spirits and soothe our aching hearts. - Author: Katlyn Charlesworth
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#90. You who will emerge from the flood
In which we have gone under
When you speak of our failings
The dark time too
Which you have escaped - Author: Bertolt Brecht
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#91. But we were in the same place at the same time in our lives, and for that alone I was inexpressibly buoyant and a few hundred years' worth of grateful. - Author: Ann Brashares
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#92. With Midway as the turning point, the fortunes of war appeared definitely to shift from our own to the Allied side. The defeat taught us many lessons and impelled our Navy, for the first time since the outbreak of war, to indulge in critical self-examination. - Author: Mitsuo Fuchida
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#93. We seem to spend a lot of our time in very small spaces spouting a lot of dialogue very quickly. - Author: David Tennant
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#94. Rather than fight the same tired battles that have dominated Washington for decades, it's time to try something new. Let's invest in our people without leaving them a mountain of debt. Let's meet our responsibility to the citizens who sent us here. Let's try common sense. - Author: Barack Obama
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#95. In a different time, in a different place, it is always some other side of our common human nature that has been developing itself. The actual truth is the sum of all these. - Author: Thomas Carlyle
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#96. In a time of polarized politics there's one thing that more than ninety percent of Americans agree on, that our government is broken, and broken because of the money in politics. - Author: Lawrence Lessig
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#97. Let us ... quietly accept our times, with the firm conviction that just as much good can be done today as at any time in the past, provided only that we have the will and the way to do it. - Author: Etienne Gilson
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#98. I think we live in a unique time - the verbs that make up our online and mobile lives haven't been completely invented or imagined for us. That was kind of a life path I was on. - Author: Mark Pincus
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#99. Some of us die long before our last breath. We perish in the fire of love, reduced to ashes in the consuming blaze. No, we do not die when our hearts cease to beat, but when they start beating the first time
for somebody else. - Author: Shakieb Orgunwall
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#100. If only the sun-drenched celebrities are being noticed and worshiped, then our children are going to have a tough time seeing the value in the shadows, where the thinkers, probers and scientists are keeping society together. - Author: Rita Dove
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