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#1. No holy place existed without us then,
no woodland, no dance, no sound.
Beyond all hope, I prayed those timeless
days we spent might be made twice as long.
I prayed one word: I want.
Someone, I tell you, will remember us,
even in another time.


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#2. In another time, in another place, I wonder who they might have been.

Lauren DeStefano

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#3. Through the side window, a screen of late-afternoon sunlight is projected onto the wall. Shadows of birds flit across it.
Some shadows are sharp, some shadows are blurry.
I've seen them before in another time and place.

David Mitchell

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#4. In another time I guess I would have been content with filming girls and cats. But you don't choose your time.

Chris Marker

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#5. In another place, in another time, she would have felt the majesty of the beauty around her, but as she stood on the beach, she realized that she didn't feel anything at all. In a way, she felt as if she weren't really here, as if the whole thing was nothing but a dream.

Nicholas Sparks

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#6. Going into the woods alone is the best way to pretend you're in another time. It's a thing you can only do alone. If there's somebody else with you, it's too easy to remember where you really are.

Carol Rifka Brunt

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#7. There have been so few decent films involving Negroes that right away everybody expects every film to do everything. But when you make a flick, there are maybe two things you're trying to put into that flick. You can put the other things in another time.

Jim Brown

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#8. I would've liked to have been Poussin, if I'd had a choice, in another time.

Cy Twombly

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#9. We study history not to be clever in another time, but to be wise always.

Marcus Tullius Cicero

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#10. In another time and place, she might have felt differently, but thinking along those lines was pointless now.

Nicholas Sparks

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#11. We don't always know when or why, but these memories come back to us, reminders of what we did and who we were in another time.

John Meyer

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#12. It just seemed to me to be a great story, set back in its time but something that seemed to have relevance for our time. Now that the film is coming out, it looks like we're back in another time where repression of expression is all the rage.

Philip Kaufman

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#13. The only things that are a little bit newer are the CD burners, but we hid them under the table, so basically we had the feeling we were somewhere completely different, in another time.

Meg White

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#14. Someone will remember us
I say
even in another time


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#15. I do not like think of them as dead, just alive in another time, they are alive in that time just as we are in this time.
- Rose

J. Yates

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#16. My wife and I have chosen to bring up our children as vegetarians. In another time or place, we might have made a different decision. But the realities of our present moment compelled us to make that choice.

Jonathan Safran Foer

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#17. People can never own people but whether I can be with him or not right now, the answer is no. Not now. Maybe in another time.

Cecelia Ahern

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#18. After a snowstorm is the best time to be in the woods, because all the empty beer and soda cans and candy wrappers disappear, and you don't have to try as hard to be in another time. Plus there's just something beautiful about walking on snow that nobody else has walked on.

Carol Rifka Brunt

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#19. What if the person you're meant to be with lives in another time?

Alexandra Monir

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#20. In another time, another place, I wonder who we would have been to each other.

Lauren DeStefano

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#21. Well of course people cross genres all the time. You could have something called science-fiction-fantasy. Some galaxy far, far away and in another time with spaceships, but also dragons. And there's no rule that says you can't do that.

Margaret Atwood

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#22. I love imagining being someone else in another time.

Georgina Chapman

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#23. I'm the kind of person who, if I were living in another time, if I had to pick any time, I would probably be a pioneer. I just love the simplicity of what it means to work hard with your hands - to eat and survive.

Evangeline Lilly

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#24. Time. In another time. Either before or after. They were not stars,
but fires. They were the souls of birds. They were entries into the
vast fire. They were the eyes of the dead. And in the darkness they
were imprisoned by them.

Peter Ackroyd

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#25. In another time,
What cannot be seen will define us, and we shall be prompted
To say that language is error, and all things are wronged
By representation. The self, we shall say, can never be
Seen with a disguise, and never be seen without one.

Mark Strand

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#26. Someone, I tell you, in another time will remember us.


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#27. It is my hope that people today will see that, in another time, in another period, when we saw the need for people to speak up, to organize, to mobilize, and to do something about injustice, we came together.

John Lewis

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#28. Don't limit a child to your own learning, for she was born in another time.

Rabindranath Tagore

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#29. I wish I'd been born in another time, another place. Then maybe I could've escaped fate ... maybe I could've been your darling.

Nalini Singh

In Another Time Quotes #1877012
#30. If your rod weighs six ounces, your reel nine, and your line another ounce or two, it means that you are holding a pound of weight in your casting hand - much of the time at arm's length - all the time you fish. Try carrying a pound of butter around that way for four or five hours.

Ted Trueblood

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#31. Living in fear is just another way of dying before your time.

Mike Cooley

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#32. Any thief or criminal or robber who enters another country in order to steal should expect to be exposed to murder at any time. For the American forces to expect anything from me personally reflects a very narrow perception.

Osama Bin Laden

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#33. Life is over in a blink of an eye - so why waste your time being anything but happy that you've been given another day to live?" "Hey,

Rachel Van Dyken

In Another Time Quotes #14013
#34. The only way Father is going to be upset in this case, is with the way the two of you are behaving toward one another. We are family, whether you believe it or not. Your lack of faith in Lucifer is what will do the damage in the long run. It has nothing at all to do with the time I spend with him.

Melyssa Winchester

In Another Time Quotes #27965
#35. Why do we live in a time where we only say what we feel when it's too late? We have evolved. We can split atoms and cure diseases and travel to other planets. Yet we can't say how we feel. We can't tell one another who we really are and be accepted for it.

M. Jonathan Lee

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#36. At this time, the only thing that would get me back in the ring is something that would positively impact those in need. If selling out another major event would allow me to bring a ship full of supplies to hand out to those in need, I'd say that would be very significant.

Bill Goldberg

In Another Time Quotes #33621
#37. When I was born, my parents - my mother especially - couldn't come to terms with that fact that they had another baby girl. I know these stories in detail because every time a guest visited, or there was a gathering, they repeated this story in front of me that how I was the unwanted child.

Kangana Ranaut

In Another Time Quotes #39037
#38. The Pawn moves only one square at a time, and that straight forward, except in the act of capturing, when it takes one step diagonally to the right or left file on to the square occupied by the man taken, and continues on that file until it captures another man.

Howard Staunton

In Another Time Quotes #45899
#39. I spent a little time in Germany as a schoolboy learning German, and it's a country I knew very well, spent a lot of time in. I knew the history very well. I've always wanted to do a piece of work about the post-war period, of one sort or another.

Stephen Daldry

In Another Time Quotes #46623
#40. Don't invest everything in another man's calling

Sunday Adelaja

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#41. Stewart loves me with a tiger's intensity, his need taking my breath away, his confidence in our relationship strong enough to not be bothered by the presence of another man. He stares into my soul as if he owns it, and shows his love with money, sex, and rare moments of time.

Alessandra Torre

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#42. Sometimes I sit and stare out at the people walking by, wondering if they've felt as I've felt, trapped, alone, but guiltily content in the knowledge that I will never know another's thoughts, and therefore can feel special due to my unique loneliness.

Moryah DeMott

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#43. I was totally absorbed. I was in another world, or another dimension; all sense of time evaporated.

Prince Charles

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#44. I spent thirty-three years in another man's shadow. I went everywhere he went, I helped him with everything he did. I was in a sense a part of him. When you live like that for a long time, you gradually lose track of what it is you yourself really want out of life

Haruki Murakami

In Another Time Quotes #57025
#45. There are some actors that are so gifted, that move you in such a way that every time you see their names again, you go and pay another ticket because you want to have that experience again.

Demian Bichir

In Another Time Quotes #57314
#46. Every time I finish a book, I say to an imaginary god that I do not believe in, 'Please let me live to write another one.'

Siri Hustvedt

In Another Time Quotes #59198
#47. If you free yourself from the conventional reaction to a quantity like a million years, you free yourself a bit from the boundaries of human time. And then in a way you do not live at all, but in another way you live forever.

John McPhee

In Another Time Quotes #60834
#48. I don't know how long we stayed frozen in that moment, but it was a long time. Sometimes I think there are parts of us still there, forever staring into the emotional maelstrom of one another's eyes.

Tammy Blackwell

In Another Time Quotes #62842
#49. You're married to a woman who has no objection to another woman joining the couple. Then she brings in her boyfriend. Suddenly you realize - my God! - you can love more than one person. In fact, you can love several people at the same time.

Volkmar Sigusch

In Another Time Quotes #63399
#50. If you put me in the fairway at my average distance into a par 4, 175 to 180 yards, and you put another player in the rough 120 yards from the green, over time, I'm going to wear him out.

Zach Johnson

In Another Time Quotes #66750
#51. In a society that almost demands life at double time, speed and addictions numb us to our own experience. In such a society, it is almost impossible to settle into our bodies or stay connected with our hearts, let alone connect with one another or the earth where we live.

Jack Kornfield

In Another Time Quotes #67985
#52. At some time or another, everyone was failed by this world. Disappointment was the one thing humans had in common.

Jodi Picoult

In Another Time Quotes #69575
#53. Each film I make changes me in some way. When I start the picture I'm one person and by the time I finish I'm another.

Dario Argento

In Another Time Quotes #73950
#54. We're hoping that in three or four years time, we'll have to never have to answer another question regarding 'Star Wars,' ... With the series, we're trying to do 100 hours worth and answer every single thing anybody has ever dreamed of, thought of, imagined or hoped for.

Rick McCallum

In Another Time Quotes #75384
#55. Emotions are lovely. Even if they fall to the negative for a time. The sun will rise again another day. The sadness perhaps never forgotten, but a new day enjoyed in another way. A way that could not have been but for the sadness's existence.

Anne Mallory

In Another Time Quotes #79212
#56. At one point in time or another, everyone's an outcast, and you have to deal with those sort of issues in society. Especially for teenage kids, I don't think there's anyone that's really been through childhood and not been an outcast in one way or another.

Luke Mitchell

In Another Time Quotes #79305
#57. The Fulton Fish Market will be more of an odor than a landmark at this time of day, but it really swings out at four o'clock in the morning - another Timothy 'Speed' Levitch recommendation if you can't sleep and you like fish.

Timothy Levitch

In Another Time Quotes #84878
#58. I'm the final clause in a periodic sentence, and that sentence begins a long time ago, in another language, and you to read it from the beginning to get to the end, which is my arrival.

Jeffrey Eugenides

In Another Time Quotes #86315
#59. I have friends who hide in their bedroom for three days every time they have another birthday. That's what brings the wrinkles! I didn't care when I turned 30 or 40 or 50.

Maria Conchita Alonso

In Another Time Quotes #89404
#60. In another place was a vast array of idols - Polynesian, Mexican, Grecian, Phoenician, every country on earth I should think. And here, yielding to an irresistible impulse, I wrote my name upon the nose of a steatite monster from South America that particularly took my fancy.


In Another Time Quotes #90896
#61. Civilizations do fail. We have never seen one that hasn't. The difference is that the torch of progress has, in the past, always passed to another region of the world. But we now for the first time have a single, global civilization. If it fails, we all fail together.

John Brockman

In Another Time Quotes #90906
#62. In the modern world we have invented ways of speeding up invention, and people's lives change so fast that a person is born into one kind of world, grows up in another, and by the time his children are growing up, lives in still a different world

Margaret Mead

In Another Time Quotes #91180
#63. Just before I auditioned for 'The X Factor,' there was nothing in my diary at all. I had no shows; nothing was happening. It was make-or-break time for me, and I had to consider doing another career altogether.

Fleur East

In Another Time Quotes #91756
#64. I have had a hard time settling on one medium and feel like a dilettante at times, taking up one medium and then wanting to learn to work in another. At age 76, I really don't have the time to settle down to one medium when there are so many avenues to explore.

Nancy Johnson

In Another Time Quotes #93407
#65. There is a continuity about the garden and an order of succession in the garden year which is deeply pleasing, and in one sense there are no breaks or divisions - seed time flows on to flowering time and harvest time; no sooner is one thing dying than another is coming to life.

Susan Hill

In Another Time Quotes #93900
#66. The projector's beam lay warm on Walt's neck, and he knew they'd all been plucked from danger and love, from another time, another place, and set back into this dark, sticky-floored theater, in the heart of nothing much that mattered.

Alan Heathcock

In Another Time Quotes #96673
#67. It explains why people come home from work or school and immediately switch on the television. They are not interested in the program much of the time, they do not even know what is on. But they are desperate for the sound of another human voice in their lives

Harold S. Kushner

In Another Time Quotes #99095
#68. Laurence felt a weird combination of shame and rage, as though he'd grown another new body part just in time to get punched in it.

Charlie Jane Anders

In Another Time Quotes #99435
#69. At a time when everybody in our culture is talking about tolerance, it seems that tolerance has the highest premium of any response - "If we just tolerate one another ... " But my feeling is: Who wants to be tolerated? People don't want to be tolerated; they want to be loved.

Derek Webb

In Another Time Quotes #99813
#70. At one time or another, we all stand at the crossroads and at the fork in the road.We can go back where it's comfortable, predictable and easy. Or we can go forward. If you go back, my friend, you will miss the ride of your life!

Donna Schultz

In Another Time Quotes #100343
#71. We are a bed business, and a coffee-room business. We are not a general dining business, nor do we wish it. In consequence, when diners drop in, we know what to give 'em as will keep 'em away another time.

Charles Dickens

In Another Time Quotes #101391
#72. If you are going to do something potentially for another eight years, you want it to be something that you can really sink your teeth in and that's going to be different and interesting for this next period of time.

Kiefer Sutherland

In Another Time Quotes #103271
#73. The one and only time an archangel can Make another angel is when our bodies produce a substance known as ambrosia. Ambrosia,is produced instinctively at a single point in an archangel's life. It is legend that ambrosia only rises when an archangel loves true.

Nalini Singh

In Another Time Quotes #105143
#74. Never submit an idea or chapter to an editor or publisher, no matter how much he would like you to. Writing from the approved idea is (another) gravely serious time-waster. This is your story. Try and find out what your editor wants in advance, but then try and give it to him in one piece.

John Creasey

In Another Time Quotes #107199
#75. I am just another blind man. I do not get the whole picture of what transpires in all places. I am blind and limited. I would be a fool to think myself wise. And so, not knowing what the universe means, I can only try to be responsible with the knowledge, the strength, and the time given to me.

Jim Butcher

In Another Time Quotes #110074
#76. As for football in L.A., it's going to take a loooong time before another team comes here.

Leigh Steinberg

In Another Time Quotes #111072
#77. A photograph can show a physical image in which time is static, and a mirror can show a physical image in which time is dynamic, but I think that what he saw on the mountain was another kind of image altogether which was not physical and did not exist in time at all.

Robert M. Pirsig

In Another Time Quotes #112132
#78. I remember as a boy when the conversation on civil rights was won in the South. I remember a time when one of my friends made a racist joke and another said, 'Hey man, we don't go for that anymore.'

Al Gore

In Another Time Quotes #115145
#79. We should all believe in something, and I believe it's time for another shot of tequila.

Justin Timberlake

In Another Time Quotes #118325
#80. Our mouths meet in another kiss. Soft this time. Agonizingly slow. It's not enough. I'll stop it soon, any second now, but not yet. Not until he gives me more.

Sarina Bowen

In Another Time Quotes #118767
#81. The problem, of course, is that there's no way of knowing that your last good day is your Last Good Day. At the time, it's just another good day.

John Green

In Another Time Quotes #119562
#82. We carry stores of DNA in our nuclei that may have come in, at one time or another, from the fusion of ancestral cells and the linking of ancestral organisms in symbiosis. Our genomes are catalogues of instructions from all kinds of sources in nature, filed for all kinds of contingencies.

Lewis Thomas

In Another Time Quotes #129497
#83. I might appear confident and chatty, but I spend most of my time laughing at jokes I don't find funny, saying things I don't really mean - because at the end of the day that's what we're all trying to do: fit in, one way or another, desperately trying to pretend we're all the same.

Tabitha Suzuma

In Another Time Quotes #129646
#84. Understand me. I'm not like an ordinary world. I have my madness, I live in another dimension and I do not have time for things that have no soul.

Charles Bukowski

In Another Time Quotes #131490
#85. I kept my door more securely locked than ever and passed the time with foreign novels. Since Balzac was Luo's favourite I put him to one side, and with the ardour and earnestness of my eighteen years I fell in love with one author after another: Flaubert, Gogol, Melville, and even Romain Rolland.

Dai Sijie

In Another Time Quotes #131787
#86. For the first time in three years, Travis Cornell felt needed, felt a deep connection with another living creature. For the first time in three years, he had a reason to live. He

Dean Koontz

In Another Time Quotes #134882
#87. Clyde had a theory that women had a book, a homemade, photocopied three-ring binder called "Surprising Things to Do in a Relationship," which they passed around to one another, adding pages from time to time, hiding it under the bed. He figured that Desiree could run home tonight and add a new page.

Neal Stephenson

In Another Time Quotes #137675
#88. It seemed to him that every time he made one choice in his life, he said no to another. All of those things he could not do or be were huddled inside of him; they might spring up at any moment, and he would be hobbled with regret.

Ayana Mathis

In Another Time Quotes #137985
#89. I can't really recall the first time I was noticed by a producer but the first time I was on television was doing Daytime for Another World, which I started in December '75 and went until December '76.

Ted Shackelford

In Another Time Quotes #138002
#90. You know, the media and politicians are always gonna be in a bit of tension with one another and probably most of the time that's healthy and indeed even creative. But it's where - it's really when news organisations are used as kind of instruments of politics that it gets tricky.

Tony Blair

In Another Time Quotes #138330
#91. I tend to think of the reading of any book as preparation for the next reading of it. There are always intervening books or facts or realizations that put a book in another light and make it different and richer the second or the third time.

Marilynne Robinson

In Another Time Quotes #140645
#92. When the time comes to change a paradigm
to renounce one bedrock truth and adopt another
the artist and physicist are most likely to be in the forefront.

Leonard Shlain

In Another Time Quotes #142111
#93. On not crowding another person in a relationship: Next time you're at a cemetary, look around at all the headstones. They're side by side. Even married couples. Nobody wants a plot on top of another person's plot. Why? ... Even when they're dead, people still love their own space.

Kristen Tracy

In Another Time Quotes #143968
#94. Time assumes another dimension now - work and absorption in the search for an answer.

Daniel Keyes

In Another Time Quotes #147554
#95. Pray that you are in the right place, at the right time, to meet the right person, that together you may help one another.

Don Polson

In Another Time Quotes #149985
#96. The life of the dead is placed on the memories of the living. The love you gave in life keeps people alive beyond their time. Anyone who was given love will always live on in another's heart.

Marcus Tullius Cicero

In Another Time Quotes #150431
#97. We are all prisoners at one time or another in our lives, prisoners to ourselves or to the expectations of those around us. It is a burden that all people endure, that all people despise, and that few people ever learn to escape.

R.A. Salvatore

In Another Time Quotes #150438
#98. But if you would know, I am turning aside soon. I am going to have a long talk with Bombadil: such a talk as I have not had in all my time. He is a moss-gatherer, and I have been a stone doomed to rolling. But my rolling days are ending, and now we shall have much to say to one another.

J.R.R. Tolkien

In Another Time Quotes #155102
#99. But since then, it seemed he had been caught up in a hurricane, whirling from one thing to another with scarcely enough time to catch a breath. Perhaps that was good. Because if he stopped and took the time to think about things too deeply, dark thoughts started to intrude.

Brian Falkner

In Another Time Quotes #155164
#100. One should every day think over and make an effort to implant in his mind the saying, "At that time is right now." It is said that it is strange indeed that anyone is able to pass through life by one means or another in negligence.

Tsunetomo Yamamoto

In Another Time Quotes #174387

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