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Top 10 Improved Relationship Quotes

#1. Your proudest moment is to watch your egg not just function, but to achieve on her own. - Author: Joan Rivers
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#2. I wasn't really happy with the way 2008 turned out for me. I wanted to change some things. - Author: Ryan Lochte
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#3. Again, although I'm not a particularly religious person, I go back to the religious left that I come out of: There are moral imperatives to fight back. As Daniel Berrigan says, "We're called to do the good." And then we have to let it go. It's not our job to know where the good goes. - Author: Chris Hedges
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#4. I always look for nature or natural lighting within buildings and within rooms that has been done by somebody else to suit their needs. I look at it very closely as a photographic thing, then enhance it. - Author: Wolfgang Petersen
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#5. Remember one thing - that Sweden is performing better than the rest of Europe. - Author: Goran Persson
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#6. What is chemistry in a relationship, Really? Chemistry can be spontaneous combustion that excites, incites, often harms. But not understood. Chemistry can also be that which is studied, intentional, and knows how to be repeated and improved upon. Do you have the right chemistry? - Author: Lucille Anderson
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#7. Two people should see a relationship as a constant opportunity to improve and be improved. When lovers teach each other uncomfortable truths, they are not giving up on love. They are trying to do something very true to love: which is to make their partners more loveable. - Author: The School Of Life
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#8. Our emotions are different but we have them. We never cast a cold eye on life or death. Don't misunderstand our seeming serenity. After all, we live in a world of perfect trust in The Maker, and we are keenly aware that humans often do not, and we feel an active sorrow for them. - Author: Anne Rice
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#9. Space we can recover, time never. Napoleon Bonaparte, 1769-1821 - Author: Robert Greene
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#10. I believe that life is a beautiful journey to find out the beauty of life. - Author: Debasish Mridha
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