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#1. We have to remind ourselves that we are not the transitory body, we are not the person who is having experiences, we are not affected by action or inaction. - Author: Frederick Lenz
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#2. I'm shy by nature and don't like talking about myself, and would let my films do the talking. - Author: Ravi Teja
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#3. From the creation learn to admire thy Lord! And if any of the things thou see exceed thy comprehension, and thou are not able to find the reason thereof, yet for this glorify the Creator, that the wisdom of these works surpass thine understanding. - Author: Saint John Chrysostom
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#4. Ireland, sir, for good or evil, is like no other place under heaven, and no man can touch its sod or breathe its air without becoming better or worse. - Author: George Bernard Shaw
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#5. I think President Karzai realizes exactly how important it is to strengthen the fight against corruption in the country now, step up endeavors to stop the drug trade and to deliver better governance. He said as much in his inaugural address. - Author: Anders Fogh Rasmussen
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#6. I'm for the poor man - all poor men, black and white, they all gotta have a chance. They gotta have a home, a job, and a decent education for their children. 'Every man a king' - that's my slogan. - Author: Huey Long
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#7. In ancient Greece, politics and the market were not decoupled. - Author: George Papandreou
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#8. Fasting breaks the spirit of heaviness. - Author: Jentezen Franklin
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#9. It is interesting that Jesus never condemned short prayers, but there is more than one place where Jesus actually condemned the pharisees for making pretentious long prayers. - Author: Paul Silway
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#10. Intellect is neither practical nor impractical; it is extra-practical. - Author: Richard Hofstadter
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#11. Many people say I believe aliens built the pyramids. I don't. In fact I'm not a supporter of the 'ancient alien' hypothesis at all. I think a lost human civilization is a much better explanation of the mysteries and paradoxes of ancient cultures. - Author: Graham Hancock
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#12. Well the deputy walks on hard nails and the preacher rides a mount,
But nothing really matters much it's doom alone that counts. - Author: Bob Dylan
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#13. The thing I like a lot about acting is I'll never learn enough. I'll never know it inside and out. - Author: Dylan O'Brien
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#14. And even though she could remember most of the sentences and every plot point, the story would never be what it had been. She would never again be who she'd been. - Author: Meljean Brook
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#15. This planet is our home. If we destroy the planet, we've destroyed our home, so it is fundamentally important. - Author: Ross Perot
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