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#1. If time is money, it seems moral to save time, above all one's own, and such parsimony is excused by consideration for others. One is straight-forward. - Author: Theodor Adorno
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#2. The total amount of energy from outside the solar system ever received by all the radio telescopes on the planet Earth is less than the energy of a single snowflake striking the ground. - Author: Carl Sagan
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#3. The man has accumulated a repertoire of facial tics and blinks that demand nothing less than a complete musical score by Stravinsky. - Author: Anonymous
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#4. Eugene is located in western Oregon, approximately 278 billion miles from anything. - Author: Dave Barry
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#5. A media system wants ostensible diversity that conceals an actual uniformity - Author: Joseph Goebbels
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#6. Some stones are so heavy only silence helps you carry them! - Author: Anne Michaels
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#7. I have problems with YouTube and things like that, when you catch it mid production. If I'm doing a show and I'm working on a bit and someone's there with a phone, they record it and put it online - it's not the finished product. - Author: Wanda Sykes
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#8. Next you will cry about taxation without representation, and throw a basket of tea into the harbor. You are indeed a very Jacobin at heart, and I think I must give up trying to cure you of it; I can but wash my hands and deny responsibility - Author: Naomi Novik
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#9. This unresting anxiety is the greatest evil which can happen to the soul, sin only excepted. - Author: Francis De Sales
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#10. If you don't stop playing with that dress, I'm going to rip it right off of you, and we won't be heading for dinner. - Author: Patricia Briggs
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#11. You're boring me, M'Ordant. Go away." V'Aidan
"You can't be bored." M'Ordant
"And a good thing, too, since I'd no doubt perish from it while in your company." V'Aidan - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
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#12. Recognize what is before your eyes, and what is hidden will be revealed to you. THE GOSPEL OF THOMAS - Author: Thomas Moore
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#13. You better get yourself together, darling, and join the human race. - Author: John Lennon
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#14. Give up a drop, become an ocean
- Sufi saint Rumi. - Author: Kashmira J. Gohil
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#15. I don't play bad guys. I play people who make choices that are different from other people's. - Author: Robert Deniro
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