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Top 15 Imam Suhaib Webb Quotes

#1. History is organized memory, and the organization is all important! - Author: Henry Steele Commager
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#2. Unless I am mistaken, it was Mr. Welch himself (an adamant total abstainer) who persuaded American Protestantism to abandon what the Lord obviously thought rather kindly of. - Author: Robert Farrar Capon
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#3. I like stories that leave you wanting more, leave you wondering, but don't tell you everything. - Author: Viggo Mortensen
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#4. The desire to gain wealth and the fear to lose it are our chief breeders of cowardice and propagators of corruption. - Author: William James
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#5. For regulating the human (in our constitution) and rendering the (proper) service to the heavenly, there is nothing like moderation. - Author: Lao-Tzu
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#6. I never have been involved in politics. - Author: Rick Warren
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#7. It is essential that children who are directly or indirectly affected by domestic violence receive psychological care. - Author: Asa Don Brown
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#8. I don't think it's so hard to be commercial and interesting. Look at Prince, or Neil Young. - Author: Sufjan Stevens
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#9. You know, if you hang around this earth long enough you really see how things come full circle. - Author: Patti Davis
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#10. It's important to get a translator who will ask the questions in a sensitive and thoughtful way. Knowing the ethnicity issues, the tribal issues in some places ... who your translator is can mean a lot. - Author: Peter Menzel
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#11. When all one person do is complain, people don't want to talk or listen to them. - Author: Jonathan Anthony Burkett
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#12. The secret of confidence is focusing on what you can control, not on what you can't. - Author: Mira Kirshenbaum
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#13. God does not need our consent in order to govern us. He made us, so He has an intrinsic right to rule over us. - Author: R.C. Sproul
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#14. I love being married. It's so great to find that one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life. - Author: Rita Rudner
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#15. I was almost put out of business by a well-meaning corpse. - Author: W.C. Fields
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