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#1. I would go to heaven, if I believed in heaven. - Author: Jill Sobule
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#2. I feel that any man that tries, any man that comes out with something we like, is a good man. A man doesn't have to be Leonardo Da Vinci to be sincere. - Author: Jack Kirby
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#3. You don't have to even see the common man anymore if you don't want to! Only through the telescope on your yacht. - Author: Chad Harbach
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#4. Common knowledge never attracts real awe and admiration - Author: Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
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#5. I like playing against LeBron more than anybody else in the league. He brings out the best in me, and I bring out the best in him. - Author: Dwyane Wade
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#6. There is creative reading as well as creative writing. - Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
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#7. The quest for human knowledge is quintessential element of being human, it's a part of our nature. We are all scientists and it's up to each and everyone of us to embark on our own self journey to inquiry. - Author: Frank Huguenard
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#8. When you let intution have its way with you, you open up new levels of the world. Such opening-up is the most practical of all activities. - Author: Evelyn Underhill
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#9. All words are masks and the lovelier they are, the more they are meant to conceal. - Author: Steven Millhauser
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#10. Chinese don't really believe in markets. They like stability, they like control. - Author: David Wessel
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#11. What matters, finally, isn't finding the kind of person you think you should
love. What matters is finding someone you feel more alive with. - Author: Brian Morton
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#12. Just because I am queer doesn't mean I am queer for you - Author: Maddy Kobar
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