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#1. The fall [of your soul] from perfection into duality ... was naturally followed by the discovery of the duality of good and evil ... This is the Biblical version of a myth known to many lands ... - Author: Joseph Campbell
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#2. The one [thing about Amish life] that I'm always going to miss is the closeness that I've had with my family. I still talk to them, but I'm an outsider. - Author: Kate Stoltzfus
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#3. When I am walking in Central Park, I recognize the Italians. Because an Italian, even when he jogs, he's dressed perfect. - Author: Diego Della Valle
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#4. I've literally, in my entire life I've had two guys come up to me and ask me out. Other than that I have had to go and try to like spend time with them, or sort of start the conversation, basically like spell it out in a Sharpie, like, you know? - Author: Jennifer Love Hewitt
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#5. A wise person alway learn from every thing at any given morment. - Author: Hamzat Haruna Ribah
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#6. Well now what's the use in dreamin' You got better things to do Dreams never did work for me anyway Even when they did come true - Author: Bob Dylan
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#7. I kept this to remind me of you trying to brush away the Villa Rossa from your teeth in the morning, swearing and eating aspirin and cursing harlots. Every time I see that glass I think of you trying to clean your conscience with a toothbrush. - Author: Ernest Hemingway,
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#8. Love and fear are the two opposite ends of the continuum, as far as I'm concerned. When we are not in love, we are in fear. - Author: Jack Canfield
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#9. I could fucking consume you - Author: Christina Lauren
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#10. As three unwavering bands of light, we were simple and separate and beautiful. As
machines, we were flabby bags of ancient plumbing and wiring, of rusty hinges and
feeble springs. - Author: Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
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#11. God doth not govern the world only by his will as an absolute monarch, but by his wisdom and goodness as a tender father. It is not his greatest pleasure to show his sovereign power, or his inconceivable wisdom, but his immense goodness, to which he makes the other attributes subservient. - Author: Stephen Charnock
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#12. Time is in the mind, space is in the mind. The law of cause and effect is also a way of thinking. In reality all is here and now and all is one. Multiplicity and diversity are in the mind only. - Author: Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj
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